In case you're unaware: I'm rather obsessed with swimsuits this summer (as evidenced by this post, this post, and this post!) Though it hasn't always been this way... Even as recently as last year, I was all too familiar with the big-ol-tshirt cover-up while at the beach. I pushed myself (rather forcefully, if truth be told) into a fatkini last June and it hasn't really been the same since.

I love sharing "behind the scenes" images from the photo shoots I participate in, and these are all courtesy of the MUA/HairMagician, Jessica herself! The suit was created with my exact measurements and the silver foil made me feel like a bit of a sexy superhero. Proof here. Liz from CandyStrike is the women behind this kickass vision, and she is the only one bringing  religious iconography (that is daily culture for those of us who live on the border) to swimming pools around the globe. She's launching a version for you today here!

Wanna see the ones that will be in the shop (and made to order for your size + boobs?!?). Well, if you insist.

It makes my ass look great, amiright? You can order them here, and if you do, be sure to send me a picture! I wanna see how fine it looks on you!

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