In keeping with the theme of "Things I Never Would Have Worn 4 Years Ago Because I Was Scared but Now I'm Brave AF" I give you my: Chubby Cartwheels maxi dress styled with metallics and tasseled heels. For no other reason besides the fact that I can. Well, because I can and because it makes me really happy. 

And as far as I can tell, there is only thing that could make a sheer lace maxi dress, gold bodysuit and suede booties even more regal...

An emoji crown.

Perfectly completes the outfit, amiright? (You can get your own for free here, wink wink)

Full disclosure: This outfit feels a bit revealing, even for me. To wear something so sheer with nothing more than what can be considered a "bathing suit" in public is nothing short of a statement and that my friends... is part of it's ridiculously stylish charm.

I remember Torrid putting out something similar as part of their Empire themed collection, but if you're all about quality clothing, custom sizing (fat folx know how essential this is) and most importantly supporting rad fat fashion designers... well Queen Shawna from Chubby Cartwheels has got you covered with her flawless Boleyn dress and has been sewing them for years.

I love that Shawna girl somethin' fierce.

Black and gold belt (similar-ish)

All this gorgeous fabric has me ready for fall fashion. Bring on those red lips, multiple layers, tall boots, long dresses and other beautiful items that hot weather seems to hate. What new looks will you be trying now that everything is an option? And have you ever worn a sheer maxi?  If so, how did it feel and look for ya?

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