I've been wanting to share this for ages! Now that the paperwork is done, the details have been decided and all of the signatures were accepted... IT'S OFFICIAL! ANOTHER BOOK IS HAPPENING!

It's memoir about living in this fat body. About growing up in this fat body. About having sex in this fat body. About always trying to be smaller, navigating casual dating, being visible on the internet, trying to figure out HAES, ruining relationships, not ruining relationships, traveling the world... all in this fat body. And ultimately, it will be about learning to own a body that was never mine to begin with.

I don't have a title yet. That part can't come until it's written, strangely enough. But it will in Spring of 2018 through Seal Press. I'm ready to tear my heart open and write until I'm raw, y'all.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity- for this to be my job for a little bit. And I have all of you to thank for that. Thank you SO much for your love and support... you make all of this possible. I owe you a million hugs and kisses.

I'm also curious: what do you feel hasn't really been covered in the size acceptance conversation? What do you wish we could talk more about? Maybe even- what do you feel alone in?

I'd love to know. 

If I ever disappear, just know that I'm simply swimming in memories and refreshing my word count every other minute so do not fear. I'll be back 

P.S. I can almost guarantee none of us are as alone as we think. 

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