Personal inventory is taken this time of year, and we're all brainstorming ways to make 2014 even more kick ass than 2013. But while you're deciding to read more books, structure your weeks, volunteer, or visit Malawi, remember to note what is amazing about yourself. Make a conscious effort to document the positively perfect! And I have a suggestion as to how:

I've purchased little journals for friends before to log compliments that they receive for a long time now. We so often forget the kind things people say, that it is MARVELOUS to have a book full of sweet things to read when we're having a particularly rough one. This "The Year of Self Love" jar is just as awesome as those books, or maybe even more so.

The thing of it is: we're so inundated with negative messages about our body that we still look in the mirror and scowl. Lets stop that. Lets change this pattern. Lets try something new. EVERY TIME you have a negative reaction to your reflection, I want you to go to this jar.

In order for this to work, you're gonna to have to make a commitment to be hyper aware of the kind things people say to you! Pay attention to compliments- whether its a "HOT DAMN" or "Your smile is electric", write each one down on a slip of paper as you hear them. Tuck them away for the moments when you forget how beautiful you really are.


The compliments could be from the past- something sweet that someone told you that you'll always remember. It could be a Facebook comment that made you smile.  It could be a thumbs up from a stranger on the street. It could be about you as a person; "I love that you walk like you mean it" is one of my favorite compliment's I've ever received. It could be from you mom. It could be a from you; that time you thought you looked amazing and said so inside your head.

Write them all down.

Fill a motherfucking jar.

Keep the jar near the mirror. Fill it all year long. Fill one jar; fill ten jars, whatever allows you to acknowledge the positive talk that happens in your life. This will allow you the power to instantly thought switch when you start talking shit internally.

It is amazing what happens when you start listening for the good and then accepting positive compliments.

Yes, you can make this with markers and kid scissors. Yes, it might seem a little campy and silly. Yes, it is an obvious concept.

And YES it will make a difference in your daily life.

Learn to love you this year.
It's my goal too.

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