I've accumulated a several amazing tops recently that scream FUCK OFF BEAUTY STANDARDS! and they're just too good to not share.  (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

Riots Not Diets tank top: I love a good crop top, but I also love the length on this shirt. It's comfortable, giant, and awesome enough for an older man to exclaim "EXACTLY!" when I walked by him the other night. The shorts are ALSO comfy! They're Jeggings that SWAK sent me last year and I had them made into shorts for $10 by a local tailor. Best idea ever. Sandals are from here, and they're my favorite of the summer. Not pictured in sandal pic: the epic backs that have "leather mesh". Oh, AND they're on sale for  $21. Yep. Schmexxxy.

Diet Industry Drop Out crop top: SHAWNA THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SHIRT. I think I gasped when I saw it online (it goes up to 5x) and immediately purchased it without thinking twice. I chopped the neckline and sleeves as I often do and it's definitely a summer staple. The skirt is an old Target find (and I cant find another anywhere- sorry!) and I simply LOVE these feminine ankle strap flats!

I <3 Pizza/Fries/Donut tank top: A few years ago I wouldn't have worn this anywhere; I wasn't brazen enough. It's a fascinating thing: if a straight sized gal wears such a shirt it's considered cute and quirky. But a fat lady? Disgusting and shameful and dear god fat women just should NOT. Girl, whenever someone tells me I shouldn't wear something... I'm gonna fuckin' wear it. It's a tad shorter than expected, but it challenges me to stop giving such a fuck about my midriff which is a gift in and of itself. I also love the side bra/cleavage reveal. Oh, and it's also on sale. LUCKY DAYZ.

And remember the post about fat girl shorts? I ordered these and love them even more than the last ones! They're similar fabric but shorter and more suited to my body shape. JUST LOOK HOW SMOOTH THEY ARE. These kick-ass shorts would fit a size 18/20 and smaller, and I heard great things about the last pair so I'm confident in recommending them. And those shoes are sadly a thrift find, but you can try these!

Do you have any fuck off shirts you love to wear? Leave a picture or link below and I'll check them out! And, if I'm gonna be honest... I'll probably order them. Fuck Off shirts are my favorite kind.

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