I'm enjoying I Wear What I Want outfit posts, and it has everything to do with the weather. I finally don't hate wearing layers (or clothing in general) and I'm getting excited about putting together looks. This is my I-JUST-DYED-MY-HAIR-BLACK-AGAIN-AND-LOOK-LIKE-A-BAD-ASS look.

Subtle, huh?

Because I like talking about deep and profound shit (like the color of my hair) I'll share with you this short-only-mostly-boring story: from the ages of 20 to 25 I had black hair and loved it more than life itself. I rocked that shit HARD. I ditched it for blonde simply because I became exhausted with trying to cover up light roots (anyone else know this pain?) every damn day. The concept of having hair the color it grew in as was a beautiful thing to me back then. But after a three year reprieve, my energy has been restored and the black is back... and unexpectedly, it feels more natural to me than anything else. I didn't know how much I needed this change, but it sort of makes sense because: my black hair is my bitch face. It's my super firm handshake.  My bangin' red two-piece power suit (shoulder pads included, duh.) It's my My Life, My Rules tattoo ...only it's not a tattoo at all. Because. It's y'know. Hair.  (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

I know I lost ya. 

What I'm saying is: I feel at home, and awesome, and I'm happy about it. SO, in honor of being home again, I compiled a bad-ass outfit for you and gave y'all the links so I'm not the only one who gets to rock it.

Hair dye optional.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Notes: the Cosmic Kitty Tee fits like a dream. Order it true to size or size up one or two for a baggier fit. The leggings are gonna fit you better than you think, so I would recommend ordering your size or even one smaller! They are a titch large on me and while it's comfy, I could have sized down. Point of reference: I'm an 18/22 and ordered a 3x. I could have easily rocked a 2x OR given the world a gift by showcasing this ass in a 1x. They're amazing and also come in ULTRA METALLIC RED (on sale, no less) if you're feeling really brave. Last note: straight sizes rejoice! They have all sizes!

The corduroy jacket I'm wearing is a thrift find, made by AMI, and is apparently impossible to find online. BUT FEAR NOT! I have found you a magnificent replacement that has stretch and everything.

I'm on your side, kiddo.

One of my favorite things about these boots (besides the fact that they fit so well) is that they scrunch down or slide all the way up to my knees depending on what I'm wantin' for the outfit. I found them on JustFab right after writing about how to find wide calf boots, and they THE PAIR that convinced me that I needed to wear boots all winter long. I never knew that wearing knee length boots was an option. BOOT LIBERATION FOR ALL!

These feathery earrings are handmade by Gunter and Bean and they're crafted out of up-cycled bicycle tubes! If you email her (at gunterandbean@gmail.com) and ask real nice she'll make some for you too. She's a doll like that.

So tell me babes: do you have a particular outfit that makes you feel like you can kick ass and take names? And what color hair makes you feel most comfortable? Is it your natural color, or something else?

Pictures in the comments of your favorite outfit or hair color gets you all the cool points.
Get all the cool points, plzkthx.

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