(Congolese dance class with Anton. Photo via AZ Daily Star.)

Whenever you discuss the combination of fat people and exercise, you're almost guaranteed to hear an opinion along the lines of: those two words don't belong in the same sentence! I love to bash fatty myths so lets hang this one out to dry: the idea that all large people are sedentary and live life free of exercise is a load of baloney. 

Throughout my body lovin' travels, I've met many many many people that live a physically rigorous lifestyle in addition to many plus-advocates that teach it. Louise Green is a perfect example and one of my favorite humans. She is a proud athlete, runs a training program called Body Exchange and is constantly participating in half marathons, hiking the North Shore mountains in Canada and is now currently producing a plus-size fitness video.  She is self proclaimed: fit and fat, which is more common than you'd believe. She wrote an incredible article for the Huffington Post called This Is What An Athlete Looks Like, and I'd suggest that you read it. Like, now. I, personally, love dance classes. What started as shakin' it to *Nsync at middle school dances became a serious commitment to dance classes in college and now I find solace in African inspired dance classes taught by none other than the magnificent Jade Beall herself. So yeah. Lots of fat bodies move all the time.

BUT HERE'S THE THING: even though we've dispelled the myth that large bodies don't exercise, retailers haven't caught on and our plus-size options of workout wear are... well. Underwhelming.

When we can find viable options, they often roll down our waists, cut into our sides, or display some other malfunction. I know first hand that not having clothing tailored to my large body always left me pulling up my pants in yoga class and losing my focus while doing so.

So thank god for Lola Getts. They found me a couple of years ago and after I tried their clothing once... I was a changed woman. I actually sought them out a few months ago and asked if we could do some sort of partnership; a collaboration where you all get a chance to see that you can have the blessing of having well-fitting workout wear too. Because everyone deserves that shit. I love them for making clothing specifically for curves and are sure to double line the crotch, reinforce the waist, and tame the boobage that likes to flail about while working out. Allowing large gals to have tailored active wear is just another revolutionary step towards dispelling those silly myths that we can't shake things up a bit. Cause we certainly can, and do.

They've become the only company I wear to class now, and it just happened that way. They're what I'm wearing in the top picture by the AZ Daily Star from last April and they're what I wore tonight. I just appreciate having my boobs contained and not having to constantly readjust the goddamn crotch. Y'knowwhatImean?

I know you know what I mean.

Bra-less (UNHEARD OF!) and fancy free at Yarrow's dance class tonight:

And I asked a dance friend to take a picture of my ass in these pants, because lets be honest: it's kind of amazing. 

I'm wearing the Guava top  (which leans towards hot pink IRL, though it's hard to see because: studio lighting) and their basic black yoga pants (in 29 inches instead of 33 because: short.) These fit me like a dream and allow all the movement needed for some ass kicking African dance moves!

Another few favorites that I own: the capris, skorts and black sleeveless top... I love 'em all. 

So, obviously, when I contacted Lola Getts, and asked about hooking you up- they said yes because here we are. So I then asked YOU what you would prefer: a giveaway for a few or a code for all. A CODE FOR ALL you unanimously chanted.

So guess what bitches!?! I HAVE A CODE FOR YOU. Because you're loved. So, so loved. Everything is 35% off on Lola Getts' site with the special code: Jes35 from now until December 25th... so Happy Holidays to you!

Fact: fat bodies deserve endorphins just like every other body. If you wanna read about how I learned this and also how I learned to exercise for the orgasms, I highly recommend you read Exercise Classes and Fat Girl Freak Outs. It's a winner. ALSO, if you're wanting to move your body because you love it, but need permission to do it your way: read this book by Hanne Blank called The Unapologetic Fat Girls Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts. It's incredible. ALSO, if you just wanna order yoga pants and wear them while enjoying your lazy Sunday... dude. I fully support that too.

YOU DO YOU, y'hear?

So tell me: what have your experiences been with workout wear? Do you know a magic trick that I don't? What are your solutions? Any helpful links?

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