Snapshot Sunday is my chance to share photos that would otherwise stay hidden in the archives on my memory card!  I love scrolling through my smartphone's gallery upon occasion; remembering all the little moments that I thoughtfully captured... and then promptly forgot about. I don't always get to share all these precious memories through social media, so here on Snapshot Sundays, I'll invite you to share in those forgotten simple moments. It's an unfiltered, weekly peek into my day to day adventures! Welcome!



1.) I'll probably always have a million cat pictures. This is Inga. She's a bitch. And I love her. 2.) The carousel at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet. 3.) Highlife is for lovers. 4.) I have a rainbow keyboard (from Kidecals) and a fan because it's SO GODDAMN HOT on the cafe patios. #AZProblems. 5.) Kitten naps. 6.) A quick John Waters inspired CandyStrike fashion show before the showing of Cry Baby on the big screen! 7.) Food Conspiracy Co-op produce makes my world go round.

For images that DID make it on teh interwebz, you can visit my Instagram!

So, I think you should take pictures of your adventures and post them here every Sunday. Show me what you're up to... and if you're not up to anything take a picture of that too! Lets catch up!

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