There are a few people I would do anything in the world for. Sonya Renee Taylor is one of them.

She is a visionary. An academic. A breath of fresh air. A poet. A leader. An unapologetic bad-ass babe. Someone that has changed my life with her words. A person that no matter how many words you try and string together, will never express how much power is housed in her being.

And she's here to rock the world.

Sonya is partnering with Denise Jolly (I bet you saw her Be Beautiful pictures or the nude Madonna homage) and they're wanting to change everything by putting together the most comprehensive and radical website for self love. And dear god, do we need it. They are creating a page that doesn't exist yet but will have:

  • A Radical Self-Love International News Source. (Think HuffPo for Radical Self-Love!)
  • A Radical Self-Love Social Network and Forum. (Think Facebook for Radical Self-Love!)
  • An Online Course Platform. (Think Harvard for Radical Self-Love!)
  • A Site-Based Webinar System. (Think Oprah's Life Class online for Radical Self-Love!)
  • Coaching, Curriculum, and Community Support for you to live your most amazing radically unapologetic life!
Dear lord lets make this happen. 

They have an IndieGoGo campaign right now, and I'm determined to make sure it gets funded.
Check out this gorgeous, world changing babe:

I love the concept of saying yes. I love movies about saying yes. And I love saying yes in my own life. Sonya asked me to film a short clip of what happens when I say YES to unapologetic self love and this is what happened:

If you can donate, do it. If you can't, that's okay, share it.

We need an online presence with a voice loud enough to drown out the rest of the media that tells us that we aren't enough. Because we are. I know it. Sonya knows it. So lets let the world know it.

What happened for you when YOU said yes? If you haven't said yes yet, what do you want to happen if you do? I'd like to know the inner hopes of your heart... Will you share with me?

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