I have a confession: when I was younger I prayed to need glasses. I wasn't the kid who was afraid that I would be called "four-eyes," I was the kid that maintained that I would be infinitely cooler if I had some kick ass frames.

Another confession: I wanted glasses so much that I wore a faux pair during my hipster years. 

Well, I got my wish for poor vision years later- I cant see shit past 3 feet, and now I actually need those goddamnwonderful spectacles for daily wear! Hurrah?!?

I've been wanting to ditch my super basic glasses for a while now, and Warby Parker has heard my plea for the adorable + the affordable + the easy to try on. Yes, all those things.

When I found out about their home try on service, I was ecstatic- and rightfully so. When you've been wanting cool-as-shit glasses for a decade, you wanna make sure they're perfect. Warby Parker gets it; they let you pick out five frames, ships them (for free), try them on for 5 days, and then lets you ship them back (for free) before purchasing. OMG THIS IS WHAT MY DREAMS ARE MADE OF! And to be honest, I'm really glad I got to look at them in person, because I simply didn't love any of the first five. The second batch of five? Well, there were some DAMN good ones. And I want your help choosing my new glasses! I picked my three favorite and I wanna know which ones YOU think fit this cutesy face:

1 // 2 // 3

I'm torn, so your input would send me over the moon. Which ones do you love? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS. And after I order them, you can expect to see the chosen pair in some future outfit posts, since y'know, seeing is cool and all.

This is how happy seeing things clearly makes me:


Which ones would you choose for yourself? And have you ever tried "Home Try-On" glasses before? What was your experience? 

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