Snapshot Sunday is my chance to share photos that would otherwise stay hidden in the archives on my memory card!  I love scrolling through my smartphone's gallery upon occasion; remembering all the little moments that I thoughtfully captured... and then promptly forgot about. I don't always get to share all these precious memories through social media, so here on Snapshot Sundays, I'll invite you to share in those forgotten simple moments. It's an unfiltered, weekly peek into my day to day adventures! Welcome!

1.) Fisher is my cuddly cat companion and I love him more than smoothies. Which is a lot. 2.) A "Thank You" pool party for all the Body Love Conference Committee Heads. So many babes. 3.) A typewriter WALL at a co-working space that I'm scoping out. 4.) Honored to be represented by the same speaking company as these world changers. 5/6/7.) My man is still trying to figure out how to take non-blurry selfies. These are three attempts at the Jersey Boys Broadway opening night. We're still working on it 8.) Another flight, another beautiful view. 9.) Lizz's reaction to meeting and being raved about by Betsy Johnson 10.) T-shirt making day. I chose the message "Love YOU" 11.) Summer's birthday happened, and so did this cake. 12.) I love taking myself out on a Brunch Date. This week I visited Proper, ate THIS plate of orgasmic food, and made a million lists.

For images that DID make it on teh interwebz, you can visit my Instagram!

So, how was your week? Any adventures in your life as of late?

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