It's not really a secret that I love tattoos. I mean, I'm kinda covered in them. So imagine my delight when I started seeing body positive tattoos pop up around the internet in the last few years! Two of my favorite things!

Tattoos can be a sacred experience for those who acquire them, and I've gotten many as a visual commitment to things I love and also as a reminder about my beliefs. Getting tattooed can also be quite the introduction to owning your body... when I started getting "ink", I purposefully placed them on the areas of my body that I hated... namely my arms. It not only gave me a reason to "love" the flab, but also encouraged me to show it off! Until then, I was nervous just talking about sleeveless shirts, but when you've got an Alphonse Mucha tattooed on your shoulder,you start to realize that it's a damn shame to cover that shit up. Basically, my temporary vanity won out over my body shame just long enough for me to realize that the world didn't burst into flames when I went sleeveless. Just long enough to realize that maybe my arms were okay after all! I then tattooed my side, under my arms and all around. It was transformative. Really.

I love Hannah's article called "How Tattooing My (Fat) Body Helped Me Fall in Love with It." It's beautifully written and my sentiment exactly.

Because of the points addressed in the article above, it seems as though ALL tattoos have the potential to be "body positive," but I collected some of my favorite pieces that either address body love head on OR challenge what we normally see. Imma share 21 of the best with you because, well, I love ya.

This bear is definitely my all time favorite tattoo of this bunch- it's just wonderful. The lines, the simplicity, the message! Love. And this "Still Beautiful" isn't a real tattoo, but I'm going to pretend that it is because the world would be an amazing place with this in existence. Maybe you need to get it?

I added this fat mermaid, because, uh: FAT MERMAIDS. I love all representation of majestical large bodies; this tattoo included. Food tattoos are a ballsy move, and this ice cream cone is gorgeous. Also a BACON TATTOO.  And what lovely placement of this text, no?

These are my legs; this is my "body positive" tattoo. It reads My Life My Rules, which is such a great reminder when I'm feeling social pressure. I make the rules for this life of mine; me and only me. AND HOW AMAZING IS THIS THUNDERTHIGH tattoo? It's on my pal Nikki Riot, who is a dynamite burlesque dancer and one of my favorite humans.

A  fat mermanitee?!? Yes. Please. And I'll totally cop to this: I've wanted a "Chub Life" tattoo before I knew it was even a thing. I was planning on having the design mimic Tupac's, but with a popsicle instead of a bullet... And I'm not gonna rule it out just yet. And the simplest reminder of what's important: self love, m'friends.

Another "Chub Life" tattoo, stick n' poke style and a gorgeous gal dancing on top of joy and hope. Makes me smile!

MMMmmm, those curves. Probably the best use of knuckles I've ever seen. And I've loved this illustration forever; the tattoo is just as stellar.

My gal pal Meghan Tonjes has this amazing Hilda tattoo. She's epic, Hilda's epic, her video about getting the tattoo is epic, and my post on how to dress like Hilda is epic. Check it all out. Also, I wanna give this guy a giant hug.

I love the unapologetic focus on these fat pin-up girls' rolls! How refreshing! We see lots of traditional pin-up tattoos and they can be body positive too- but we just don't see diversity and I love the chance to showcase it! Another text tattoo that has beautiful placement... and I have a heart with "Mother Dear" on my right elbow... maybe I need this heart on my left?!?

And here are three pieces that don't exist on skin yet, but I'd LOVE to see as tattoo art: Riots Not Diets, the ultimate self love illustration and this beautiful rolly polly mermaid. Any takers?!?!? You know you wanna (and if you do- make sure you get permission from the artists) !!!

Do you have a tattoo you want to share, or a meaning you want to explain? Post away!
If you don't, what sort of tattoo WOULD you get and why?

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