Something you might not know about me: many years and years ago, I was a kinda legit photographer.

I adored photography and for a while immersed myself in a project I fell madly in love with: Body Image(s). It was a concept I came up with while drifting off to sleep one night: I wanted to take images of all sizes, shapes, and shades to show the innate beauty in each body. "The world needs MORE UN-PHOTOSHOPPED DIVERSITY" I thought whilst falling asleep.

And so I made it happen.

I'd never done a large photo project like Body Image(s) before, so when I sent out a model call, I was praying for 8 models. Mayyyyyyyyyyybe 10 if I was lucky. After 32 models volunteered... I found myself with months of weekend shoots booked. I was stunned. And giddy. And overwhelmed by their bravery.

Each shoot began with getting to know the models. Stripping for a stranger is an act of valor and I wanted to get to know these courageous women and help them feel comfortable. After that... we just had fun. we squished bellies, jumped on the bed and made sheet forts. As I found each woman to be beautiful through the lens... so did they. Each left smiling; something I wasn't expecting, but was an amazing addition to an already inspiring experience. It was magical. Beyond words really.

Because I was young and green I was unable to get the diversity I now recognize is crucial... but the images themselves still make me smile. Without further ado:

They aren't housed at their own domain any longer (Silly me-I let the url lapse and now its $2000 a year. Psh.) but you can visit the Body Image(s) gallery here

Just remembering how powerful the experience was about it makes me want to start it up again...

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