Uh, did you know that you can hire me to come speak about inspirational stuff 
AND you can hug me afterwards?!?!?

True. Story.

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite parts about being The Militant Baker is the part where I get to come meet you, speak with you, and hug you. I've been speaking around the country for a while now, and guys... I want to come see YOU.

This is what I normally get all speaker-ey about:
In "Change Your World, Not Your Body"Baker explores the historical evolution behind our current idyllic body type, the stigma surrounding mental illness, and what we can do individually to reframe the way we perceive ourselves and others. She encourages each person to “change your worldnot your body,” uses empirical data to explore the correlation between weight and health, and discusses the “Health At Every Size” movement. Come ready to challenge the notion that beauty is exclusive, and learn how to change YOUR world, in this powerful, passionate and progressive presentation.

It's REAL fun.
And afterwards is the EXTRA fun part where y'all get to hug me, tell me your stories and then take selfies with me. I kinda love it.

I also present on other related subjects such as: mental health, peer support, fat oppression, and Body Love as a 21st century civil rights movement. All of which can be altered to fit your event... AND, I can also censor any language if you have an audience with sensitive ears. If you're into that kinda thing.

SO, I'm booking for this Fall semester and Spring 2015 if you wanna bring this hot body to your town. Pitch it to your college, company, or agency. Lets have some fun.

Kevin (or "Mac", if you wanna be his bff) handles all the paperwork stuffs, so if you have any questions, well... he's your guy! (More info, and my bio here)

MacRae Speakers & Entertainment, LLC.
Kevin R. MacRae, President
PO Box 535
Pembroke, MA 02358

Hope to see you in the flesh soon!

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