While I was in NY I had the opportunity to meet up with the amazing Substantia Jones in a gorgeous second story studio that is frequented by Liza Minnelli herself. We turned up the music and pranced around the floor, climbed in the window frames and even out onto the fire escape. Totally nekkid. I totally Instagrammed that shit.

There was a group across the street that started cheering while I posed and after I came back in we finished by listening to the opera singer the studio over practice. It was fucking FUN.

Substantia has paved the way for body positive photographers like myself. She started taking positive photos of fat women before it was a thing and she now has a calendar for 2014 available. I'm grateful for women like who blaze trails and look damn good while doing it.

Next time I'm in NY that gal and I are getting drinks.
Imma lucky bitch.

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