A few things since I'm back and well:
  • How fucking cute are my cats? I mean, really.
  • Its time you advertised on my blog again. The first of February has come and gone, but who cares. Snap up a spot for free by clicking here and using the code SWAP! (exclamation point included.)
  • My inbox is a mess. If you've sent me an email and never heard back in the last month... I really need you to email me again. I'm serious. So resend, re-ask, re-whatever so I can get back to you, mmkay?
  • I am looking for people to submit "This One Thing I Really Love About My Body" posts. Is that you? Yeah? Okay then, hop to it!
K. I think that's all. I have an announcement later, but it's deserving of its own post.


  1. Your cats are SO fucking cute!
    I submitted a button for a swap, but I can't seem to find where you keep your buttons! Am I just blind?

  2. Just jumped on that sponsor spot, boom! You just reminded me, need to get my info together for the body love post! :D

  3. Done and done. Don't worry about me email in that there inbox... Just sending you love.

    Steph xo

  4. Glad you are feeling better! Off to send you an email for the one thing I realy love about my body.

  5. Do I have to go through the whole Passionfruit thingy or can we just continue to swap as per usual? :)

  6. I admit, the white-chinned kitty is my favorite of the lot. As for contributions to The One Thing I Really Love About My Body soon as I get those photos taken, it'll be in your inbox. :)

  7. Your cats are beautiful!! I just found your blog and I know I'll be scrolling through many 'older posts' pages xx


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