Alreadywhaaaaaaaaaaaa 2013? How wonderful! It's time for you to sign up for my sidebar which is once again... free. I want to swap with you, so purchase whatever size you want using the code FUCKYEAH2013, and then take my button on the left for yours. If you need me to send you a different size, contact me, k?

I'm gonna challenge ALL of you to advertise this January, whether you're a small or large blog... If you need help making a button, I would be happy to help.

Click here to advertise.

Hooray for a new year, new opportunities, and a new start!

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  1. Hey Jes. I am attempting to "purchase" and ad to do an ad swap and it seems to want to charge me with the code. Not sure how to bi-pass this issue, but I thought you should know. I would e-mail but I have tried that a few times and it doesn't seem to work either.


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