Happy Holidays everyone! We are so thrilled to be sending out our second annual “newsletter” this year for our little family. 2012 was awesome. Awesome, scary, exciting, unpredictable, and full of change. Here are a few things that we’ve been all about for the last 365 days:

Behavioral Health: The Him changed his course in life dramatically when he was accepted into the Recovery Support Specialist Institute here in Tucson. This nationally recognized curriculum teaches how to use personal experiences to assist others in recovery and also how to navigate the general behavioral health system. He excelled there and graduated, soon after starting a new job at MHC as an RSS. While no job is without challenges, He enjoys assisting the people he works with and has received raving reviews from those in the mental health field all throughout Tucson. 

Jes has had an equally successful year graduating from the RSSI as well. Her work as a Psych/Social Rehabilitation Specialist is going well and she is excited to have been asked to co-author a curriculum for two agencies here in town. Mental and behavioral health with an emphasis on recovery has encompassed our lives and we love being able to share the same field successes as well as frustrations. When you work in human services, it’s nice to come home to someone who understands!

Dexter: We’re addicted. We can’t help it. We love a good story line, and have become fanatical about stellar TV shows which include Dexter, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Big Bang Theory. If that makes us bad people… well, we’ll take it.

Photography: This has been Jes’ focus and He has been supporting her along the way. Jes’ photography has taken off and become internationally known through her portraits and also her large Body Image(s) project which will be an extensive art show in March of 2013. Hooray!

Cats: We’ve collected another cat this year: Fisher. He is our fluffy new addition and gets along splendidly with Inga and Owen. We really have become a crazy cat couple and love our kitties as if they were our children. Our excessive adoration may repulse some, but we’re pretty big fans of our three tornados.

Becoming better people: Along with our career choices, this has been the main focus of our year. The two are actually inextricably connected, which brings us both a lot of happiness.  We have set a lot of goals this year and have accomplished many. Jes is starting ASU’s Social Work program and The Him is completing certifications so that we can more adequately contribute to our current jobs. Jes also writes advocate articles online and has been published widely, reaching millions. She’s excited about her body love workshop that will hopefully be a big success in October of 2013. Stay tuned for a bit about that in our next newsletter. We are constantly striving to live happier, healthier lives each day… even when it means retiring old habits that we secretly love or pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. We will continue working towards becoming more fulfilled, giving, accepting, conscious advocates and look forward to that journey together.

The most important thing is that we find ourselves continuously in love with each other and life, and hope this newsletter finds you feeling just as joyful!

Love from all of us.


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