Body Image(s) is a photography series by Jes of JSPhotography that showcases the many sizes, shapes, and shades of beauty.

We often lose ourselves within the concept that the ideal body image is unilateral; that it excludes all save a few. The reality is though, that when you step away from societal norms, you start to see that “ideal” is relative and that beauty is ubiquitous. There is no “right” or “wrong” shape or size; Kate moss is just as stunning as the “Venus of Willendorf” and vice a versa . This is not a personal opinion, but rather a fact.

By photographing the diversity of the female body, Jes' hopes were to empower women with, educate others about, eradicate exclusivity from and embrace all beauty. Wondering if she could gather a dozen volunteers to bare their skin, she was overwhelmed when her mailbox filled with women willing to embrace body acceptance and self love.

This series has turned into a two way gift. A gift to the photographer, as the subjects donated their time and also an intimate invitation to be captured, and a gift from the photographer as the images were given to each model as visual proof of their exquisiteness. Each session was lovely, but as they progressed, Jes noticed that each woman left with a renewed self-confidence. This, she felt, was the greatest outcome she could have hoped for.

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I think that's pretty explanatory, but dear god I'm excited.

My inbox fills daily, and I have the next four weekends booked with 7-8 women each. I am so the-good-kind-of-exhausted. They keep coming, and I'm going to keep saying yes until I just can't anymore. It's so empowering for every person who participates and I can't think of something more powerful for me. The world needs more of this. Sometime soon (January or February?) I will be showcasing these images at an art opening/symposium with two other feminist photographers. Awesome shit, right? I wish you all lived in Tucson so you can come! I have a few images to share after the first weekend, but if you "like" my Facebook page you can see all the photos as I take them.


  1. Wonderful, awesome project! It is great of you to gift others with renewed confidence. I love you Jes and I appreciate YOU. My life is better for knowing you even if only thru blogosphere! Tootles!

    ~SimplyyMayra :)

  2. Wonderful project indeed! I like all the photos!

  3. Ugh - the more I read your blog the more I'd love to be a part of something like this, as selfish as this is even just for myself to feel good about me and my ever-changing body haha. Beautiful beautiful photos!


  4. That's so awesome about the symposium!! Congrats!

  5. Such a worthwhile project! As you know I'm a huge fan of using photography as a medium to show folks just how amazing they are. Beautiful photos. I can't wait to see how this project unfolds.

  6. This is such a fantastic concept! What strikes me about each of these is that the women seem to glow in them...which is either your talent as a photog, or their true beauty breaking out. Yay! :)

  7. These are beautiful. Everyone looks so happy!

  8. These girls are the most beautiful creatures that I have ever seen. Im a guy and let me tell you that a real woman, curves and all, is by far more attractive than an airbrushed, bony, half starved one. I applaud the models who are comfortable enough with their body to show what true beauty is.

    I LOVE this site. I have two daughters and I hope that they will grow up to be beautiful to themselves first and confident in themselves in every way.

  9. I am amazed.. I am a guy and these girls are the most beautiful creatures that I have ever seen. I want more.


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