"This shoot was spurred by a discussion that The Militant Baker and I had about sayings about eating pastries, and using baking as an allegory for body image. Here's some of what we came up with:

Women, traditionally, are home bakers - baking and then giving away baked treats to children, spouses, friends, etc. However, we, as women, are not supposed to eat baked goods (a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!).

What does this mean? Baking is one of those things where you put the ingredients together, put it in the oven, and pray that nothing went/will go wrong. We can't taste food typically before we bake it because of health restrictions. So we mix something up, put it in the oven, and deliver it to people who then tell us whether or not we did a good job (since we, as women, are not allowed to eat it). 

This is very much like our bodies. We make ourselves and put ourselves out into the world for approval. We make ourselves the best we can, but require other people to tell us whether we are good enough for their tastes.

What does it matter what their tastes are? Be good enough for you. Eat the cake you bake.

This series is an ode to women who eat the cake they bake."

Liora came over and we bashed tradition by baking, eating, and loving cake (remember the flour pictures?). The first two pictures are a play on the age old shame based saying of "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips". Oh the tragedy of enjoying delicious food! While the lips are not mine, the prefect ass covered in chocolate cake batter is. How awesome is this concept? Liora's brain is so cool.

The second photo is the "Ode to women that eat the cake they bake" and who love it unapologetically. I balked at the idea of taking pictures of me eating desserts... which I took as a sign that I most certainly should do it. Plus the baker in me couldn't resist. Liora joined in, and I'm sure there are more pictures to come. The shoot was successful, and so here I am, in all my blatantly fat glory... eating the cake I baked all while being proud of my size



  1. Wow! What an awesome analogy! Hola Jes! Rad! ;)

  2. These photographs are amazing! And I always eat what I bake. ;)

  3. These photos are delicious! In any way!

  4. "I balked at the idea of taking pictures of me eating desserts... which I took as a sign that I most certainly should do it." Fan-fucking-tastic!

  5. This is absolutely amazing! It's no fun if you can't eat your cake :)

  6. This is dirty and delicious at the same time!

  7. This is such a great idea - gorgeous and dirty and so open!

  8. Yes! I love it. If you've ever seen the movie Sweet Land, there's a scene where one of the married women (this is the American west, 1800s) bakes a pie for I'm assuming all day, and while it's cooling instead of giving it to her plethora of kids and husband, she and her married female neighbor eat the whole thing themselves. It's a throwaway scene, but so sweet in that their eating of this creation is not portrayed as gluttonous, but as a celebration of their new friendship. It strikes in me the same chord as this post- that it's perfectly fine (and should be encouraged more) to enjoy ourselves and all of our creations (baked, or otherwise) instead of feeling that our worth is somehow placed entirely on altruistic gestures.

  9. I love that last pic so much- happy kitchen and contented woman. Is Liora K selling prints of it? I seriously want to look at that pic every day.

    1. I think she can:) If you want you can email me at thekitschentruck@gmail.com


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