Hello from Tucson where it's 76° today even though it's January 2nd and the majority of my friends across the country are bundled up in seventeen layers!

Don't get too jealous though, we barely survive our 116° summers so we can live in this city and enjoy this winter weather. Well, that and because rent is still affordable + most our family is here and we love the shit out of them.

I just returned from a couple weeks in France, England, Belgium and the Netherlands (you can catch up on some of those things on my Instagram) and while I loved wearing multiple layers and an enormous wool coat, I'm also stoked to be able to show off this current outfit that I've fallen in love with... which couldn't be more different than what I wore in Europe.

Mini dresses are often seen as a "no-no" for plus women for multiple reasons, quite often because our bellies and asses make them even shorter adding to the scandalousness of a fat chick revealing skin. Quelle horreur!

But I'm not really into listening to arbitrary fashion rules created by someone else and so, to continue the theme of all of my outfit posts: I wear what I want!

Today that happens to be tiny dresses with bell sleeves, knee socks and platform creepers!

I usually post outfit photos that have links to clothing that are readily available, but in this case, the paisley dress is from Target circa 2016, the shoes are almost sold out and the socks are being goddamn elusive. 

BUT FEAR NOT! I'm determined to find similar pieces because this outfit combo is (in my humble opinion) FIRE. 

You can totally purchase this exact dress here in 2X, but if you're looking to find something similar (or in a larger size) I present 12 other plus size options:

I'm really happy about this whole black/dark floral trend being "in" again.

1 is available here in 5 +11 | 2 3

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Note: I'm wearing socks from the same brand in #1 and #4 and they fit 22" calves well.

I'm a little disappointed to only find similar dresses that go up to 6x/26... do you have any suggestions on where to find larger sizes of a similar dress? I'd love to know them!

Also, plus babes- do you feel comfortable rocking mini skirts? If so what are your favorite styles? Even in windy and cold weather, they can be paired with leggings, shorts or Teggings (that go up to size 30!) if you're into more coverage. But I'm curious how you would style this kind of mini dress... spill your fashion secrets- I'm all ears!

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