I shared on my Instagram a few weeks ago that I've started working with a non-diet "dietitian", or as Dana calls herself- a nutrition therapist- which is a perfect way to describe the work she does. After years of trying to figure out how to implement HAES into my life, I finally came to the realization that intuitive eating wasn't so intuitive for me. As someone who was raised in poverty and spent nearly 20 years dedicated diet culture, this shouldn't have been such a surprise. But it was.

The reality is that I, even as a 30 year old adult, have never learned how to appropriately feed myself. Real talk? I don't know how to eat

What a bizarre epiphany to have. 

Even though I've been writing about, teaching and hallelujah-ing the practice of body love and Health At Every Size, I still found myself at a loss when it came to reclaiming my personal relationship with food. It became apparent that there was a long road of un-learning, re-learning and recovery in front of me.

After begrudgingly coming to terms with this, I sent a pleading email to Dana of Be Nourished asking for guidance as I tried to unravel this absurdly complicated food consumption puzzle. And while I often feel like a five year old when we talk about food competency... it's been immensely helpful.


Dana and Hilary are the founders of Be Nourished- a healing based organization "founded on the idea that we are all born with remarkable instincts to love and care for our bodies". They believe that Body Trust® is a birthright. They, and their practitioners tirelessly work towards helping people lose the weight of body shame and create the change they seek from a deeper place. They are also dedicated to educating other clinicians on how to incorporate these concepts into their practice as well.

They are, in short, fucking amazing.

Check out their manifesto:
While one of my goals is to make it to their in-person training, they also offer an six week e-course that encapsulates all of these concepts. The next one runs from June 12th - July 22nd and they have graciously offered one of you a chance to win a free enrollment!


A bit about the "No More Weighting: An Exploration of Body Trust Wellness" e-course: 

"Together we will: 
  • Begin a journey towards rebuilding trust with yourself and ultimately, your body.
  • Rethink what the “problem” really is and what your “plan” should be.
  • Teach you about a path that honors your health and your emotional well-being. (this is not the “screw-it” plan)
  • Talk about new ideas, practices, and skills that create a sustainable path to wellness.
  • Treat you with compassion, address you with empathy, and hold space for your truth.
  • Honor all of you: your emotional, physical, spiritual, and relational needs.
  • Discuss the difference between body respect, body trust, and body love.

During this e-course, you will:
  • Identify the parts of you that are ready for change and illuminate the parts of you that need some support.
  • Examine the repetitive cycle that has you feeling stuck.
  • Practice listening to your body for wisdom: whether that comes in the form of hunger, fullness, cravings, desires, or deep longings.
  • Work with ways to tame your inner critic.
  • Practice bringing this new approach into your life, as it is right now.
  • Redefine “success” and make it something deeply meaningful.

What will I get?
  • Six weeks of content developed by Hilary & Dana, a therapist & nutritionist team that have offered groups, workshops, and retreats together for over 10 years.
  • A new topic introduced each week with a nearly daily process (we take one day off every week) for learning, exploring, sharing, and internalizing. We will offer videos, audio recordings, readings, journaling prompts, and more to share our paradigm shifting content in bite sized, digestible pieces.
  • Two conference calls over the course of the six weeks where you can ask Dana and Hilary questions. The calls will be recorded if you aren’t able to join at the time they are offered (and you can email questions ahead of time).
  • A community of people who get it, who are walking this new terrain with you. Your community here already believes in you and your body. Priceless, yes?
  • Access to a private Forum community to get into conversation with fellow e-course participants as well as Hilary & Dana. A place to ask questions, share stories, and explore all things Body Trust®.
  • A Be Nourished care package delivered to your doorstep within the first couple of weeks of the course including things like our “weight-neutral zone” door hanger (see pic), a hunger scale check in magnet, “Body Trust® is my Birthright” bumper sticker, among other goodies.
  • After the e-course is done, an invitation to join our Body Trust® Network, an ongoing online support community to continue the practice and share in the love with others traveling the same path.
  • A new way to show up in relationship to yourself and your body, and opportunity to step into parts and places in yourself that have been left behind.
  • An adventure. An opportunity to try different instead of harder. We will be your guides."

Giveaways happen when someone contacts me and says: I wanna buy a specific spot on your blog so I can give free awesome shit to your readers. To which I say: does it involve root canals, Tucson summers or red bell peppers? (I hate ALL of those things) and when they come back and say NO, actually it's really awesome you and your readers will definitely like it!, chances are I'll investigate and then say... OKAY! Let's do this.

This isn't a sponsored giveaway however. Dana and Hilary are good friends of mine and all of us feel like this opportunity is something everyone deserves!

Things to know: depending on who it is, they might letcha follow their social media accounts to have extra entry options. But no matter what, I always ask that there is a chance for everyone to enter at least once without having to "like" or "follow" anything. If you want to be an overachiever beyond that, it's up to you. Like and follow away.

AND, of course, if you think giveaways are bullshit, you're allowed to skip everything all together and just come back for my next post which will likely be about how much I love the brand Fashion to Figure. You're a grown ass adult and you get to make your own decisions, mmkay?

If you're interested in nabbing this free admission, all you need to do is submit your email address (additional entries are available too!) and cross your fingers, eyes and toes.

Additional course summary: "We are all born with an ability to eat in attunement with our bodies. Somewhere along the way, our ability to trust our bodies gets hijacked. We internalize messages from the people in our lives and our culture, and these messages encourage us to control our bodies instead of trusting them. Paradoxically, all of our efforts to meet these expectations result in our bodies feeling out of control, disgusting, or not even really a part of us. Our online course will help you come to terms with the obsession, the struggle and the dissatisfaction that has accompanied trying to change your body, your food, and yourself."

NOTE: If you're not the lucky winner (boo and I'm so sorry!) you can still enroll and receive a $30 discount for the course by using the code "nmw30". The first thirty people to register will get that screamin' deal and I wish you all the best!

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Wishing you all the luck in the world!

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