If I could go back in time and tell my younger (well-intentioned but horrifically ignorant) self how to go about selecting a group of speakers for a "body focused" conference I would start the conversation with: "Hey Jes, lets check out THIS group of speakers from The Fat Activism Conference and go from there, mmkay?"

Because this is kinda how "conferences" should be. 

I'm so grateful for Ragen and Jeanette (and their council of organizers!) for putting together such a radical and diverse resource for everyone who has access to a computer. Which is a lot of people.

This is absolutely what we need more of and the best part (besides it being  intersectional and online) is that tickets prices are available on a sliding scale which means 1.) Speakers are compensated for their  time and incredible work (Yay! and important) and 2.) Every person has a chance to join in if they'd like which is also "Yay!" and also really important!

I'm here for all of it. 

About the Conference

"This is a virtual conference (so you can listen to the talks live by phone and/or computer, as well as being provided recordings and transcripts so that you can listen/read at your convenience) for people of all sizes who are interested in creating a world that respects the diversity of body sizes, and who are interested in fighting the bullying, stigmatizing, shaming, and oppression faced by fat people, and want to do that work intersectionally.

Whether you are looking for help in your personal life with family, friends, healthcare providers etc. or you’re interested in being more public with your activism with blogging, petitions, protest, projects, online activism, or something else, this conference will give you tools and perspectives to support you and your work, and to help you make that work intentionally intersectional and inclusive so that nobody gets left behind.

You’ll be able to access the workshops on the phone or on the computer from the comfort of your own home or anywhere that you are.  If you can’t listen “live” during the conference dates, register anyway and you can access the talks via downloadable recordings and, with a Platinum Pass, a thumbdrive with all the talks will be mailed to you.

Registration options include a Gold Pass, a Platinum Pass, and a pay-what-you-can-afford option so that you can get information and support that works for your budget.

Questions?  E-mail"


and I'll be listening in (and learning- I still have so much to learn) with y'all soon!

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