(Pixelated in a half finished office with dirty hair. It's part of life too, y'all.)

While scrolling through Instagram tonight, I couldn't help but notice all the magical adventures that everyone I know seems to be on. So far I've seen: famous award ceremonies, trips to the Bahamas, summers in NYC, radio show interviews, writing retreats, dance camps in Hawaii, super fancy photo shoots, galas, ferry rides, festivals, etc etc etc forever and ever amen.

And I found myself (blurry eyed from answering emails I'll never catch up on while wearing very much NOT glamorous pj's) feeling:

  1. So HAPPY for these rad humans that I adore and
  2. Like I needed to remind myself that it's okay that I'm in my pj's and answering emails instead of riding a carousel while holding colorful balloons- because these pictures that make up my feed are just the "highlights" of that person's life. They're simply a section of their whole story.

I know this isn't groundbreaking or anything you haven't heard before.

But just in case you ALSO need this reminder (god knows I do): we see lots of exciting, successful and shiny things shared on social media because it is SO FUN TO SHARE AMAZING THINGS WHEN THEY ARE AMAZING! I LIKE TO SHARE MINE TOO! EXCLAMATION POINTS FOREVER!!!

But I also know for a fact that in between these captured moments, every single person (on every single one of those incredible adventures) has their share of silence, sadness, heartbreak, stress, tears, depression, anxiety and fear. Because we're all human. Because LIFE. And I bet that sometimes they sit around in not glamorous pj's and answer emails too.

So, when you get these wonderful peeks into people's lives and you're not feeling as wonderful as their images look (maybe you're feeling silent, sad, stressed, heartbroken, stressed, depressed, anxious or fearful x a million) you're not alone. You're not doing anything wrong.

You are not fucking up.

Everyone experiences some or all of those things. Even the person with the prettiest and happiest Instagram account in the whole wide world. And you're gonna make it though to your next shiny day- whatever that looks like for you.

Don't buy into perfection my friend. There's more to life than that.

(This message is brought to you by exhaustion, 105° heat, and tons of personal experience 💗)

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