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In my world, traveling and happiness are synonyms. If I have a trip planned in my future? Well, then I can be certain that life is going to be okay.

For some though, traveling can be equated with horror and y'know what? I totally get it. When it comes to controversial topics online, "fat people flying" is certainly near the top of the list and it often deters fat folks from even dreaming of boarding a plane. But it doesn't have to. Really.

Traveling has the potential to be empowering, illuminating and life changing and I've found that watching other fat women go on international adventures has been beneficial in reminding me of this. While I travel quite often, it is usually nationally and work related. Mexico aside, it's been years since I visited another country even though my experiences in England and Italy were incredible. There is something about the uncertainty of how my body fits into another culture that has kept me from exploring certain parts of the world... but guys, I have decided NO LONGER! I just purchased tickets to Belize (do you know about Kayak Explore?) and that decision has a lot to do with these 6 women who prove over and over again that fat girls can go anywhere they damn well please.

I've compiled links to their blogs and social media in hopes that they inspire you as well.

Alysse Dalessandro: Ready To Stare

Reading about Alysse's recent cruise and adventures with zip lining was all the incentive I needed to write this post. As I read through her experience about navigating physical activities while traveling I found myself in awe. Her honesty about her concerns and general badassery was inspiring as hell.

I'd recommend reading:  12 Things I Learned About Travel Fashion from My First Cruise and
I Went Zip Lining as a Fat Girl.

CeCe Olicia (and friends!): Plus Size Princess

CeCe lives in NYC and writes about fashion, fitness, and travel! She also hosts blog posts by other contributors that are super helpful and sexy as hell.

I'd recommend reading: Riding a Whale in Jamaica: Shame Free Confidence and How to Pack (Plus Size) for the Caribbean.

Callie has been one of my longest traveling inspirations. This fashionista hails from London and chronicles her international travels with pictures that take my breath away. Some of the most inspiring posts come from her trips to South East Asia. Callie has reminded me time and time again that fat girls can travel anywhere. Seriously, anywhere.

I'd recommend reading: about her travels in Cambodia, Koh Lipe, Bangkok, and her wonderful article about Being Plus Size in South East Asia.

Timah is a "Brooklyn belle" turned Abu Dhabi expat and writes a diverse and comprehensive travel blog called Live Travel More.

I'd recommend reading: EVERYTHING. Her travel section covers Africa, Asia, Middle East, North America and South America. Go read it all!

Anna O'Brian's Instagram: Glitter and Lasers
and Virgie Tovar's Instagram

Anna is a plus-sized yoga unicorn and her Instagram account is one of my favorites. It's fierce, colorful and unapologetic. She just returned from a work trip in India and I enjoyed following her travels while she shared "real talk" about traveling while fat.

Virgie is another Instagram favorite and will be visiting Istanbul in a few days. I plan on living vicariously through her images as she documents her trip.

I'd recommend reading checking out their Instagram profiles (linked above) and following their international adventures!


Huffington Post shared a great article about this subject and of course if you need some fatty flying tips you can check out my blog post here. There is also an amazing Facebook group called Flying While Fat that offers resources, discussion and support for plus travelers. If you want the most current information or have specific questions, you can start there!

If YOU have any awesome travel posts on YOUR Instagram, I'd love to see them! Tag them with #FatGirlsCanTravel and I'll be sure to swing by and throw some love all over 'em. And of course, other readers will love looking you up as well!

(Update: Check out all these rad shares below and the other 170+ here!)

While traveling isn't a requirement for a fulfilling life, if it's something you adore... GO FOR IT MY FRIEND. And let these bad-ass babes inspire you along the way.

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