'Tis the season for my inbox to be flooded with emails with the same subject line: "HELP! How do I remain body positive when I'm with my family during the holidays?!?!" Or something with similar keywords; you know what I mean.

And it is SUCH a good question. For many of us, there is something about being surrounded by those we (likely) have a complicated history with.... well, mannnnnnn... it can make some shit surface. Especially if we've worked hard to embrace body acceptance. Especially if those around us haven't. And especially if we're struggling with our relationship to food on top of it all.

Can you relate?
If so, I feel you so hard.


Well, fortunately for you the internet is full of ideas. Nearly every website I follow has published a "how to guide" about this subject and I can totally write my own post on this (which would sound pretty similar to them all)... OR I can link you to a ton of different options and allow you to find the voice that works for you! Yeah, I love that option.

Below you'll find all kinds of thoughts on the subject- some specific, some general- and I hope that one of them will be just what you need to hear.

1.) "The Holiday Boundary Setting Song" by Ragen Chastain of Dances With Fat. Performance of said song by Jeanette DePatie:

2.) 4 Tips to Stop Holiday Body Shaming Now by Lauren Marie Flemming (The Huffington Post)

3.) 5 Ways to Fight Body Shaming During the Holidays by Suzannah Wiess (Bustle)

4.) How to Heal from Fat Shaming Family by Corissa (of Fat Girl Flow)
"With the Holidays coming up, I think we all need a little guidance for how to handle the people we love getting in the way of how we love ourselves. Take care of yourself this Holiday season." -Corissa
5.) Self Care in the Time of Cheer and Cookie Dough: A Body Positive Survival Guide by Sabrina N. (Fbomb)

6.) How To Survive Your Family This Holiday Season by Erin Donnely (Refinery 29)

7.) Your Feminist Guide to a Body Positive Holiday by Talia Cooper (Ma'yan)

8.) A Body Positive Guide to the Holiday Season by Fiona Sutherland (A Healthy Paradigm)

9.) The Non-Dieters Holiday Survival Guide by Golda Poretsky of Body Love Wellness
Podcast version:

And, I would be remiss to not include the pro-tip from Ravishly's Kate Ryan:

10.) "The Only Tip You'll Need to Survive the Holidays: Masturbate."

Just, y'know, food for thought.

And I'll leave you with this amazing article by Melissa Fabello for the moment after the family events are over and you're contemplating New Year Resolutions: "50 Body Acceptance New Year Resolutions that Don't Involve Dieting."


Have you read any articles on the subject that hit home for you? Do us all a favor and leave them below!

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