December has been speeding by and I only just realized that we're nearly half way through. WELL SHIT! That means I'm behind on offering you a gift guide that's amazingly body positive and I'm sorry guys. I'll rectify this by doing a quick round up of killer body lovin' items... and if you're still looking for a great gift for someone you love, they all should arrive by the holiday! Check before you order, but I'm pretty positive these are all kick-ass options for Christmas. Or X-mas if that's your thing. Or New Years. Or any random Wednesday. Or birthdays. Don't forget to bookmark this for upcoming birthdays! You get the gist.  (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

And my top 15 gifts for 2015 are:

 Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls OBVIOUSLY ($13.60)

(but really, ANYTHING from Rachele's Redbubble!)

Yay! Scale ($45.00- Looks like they're on back order. Boo.)

P.S. Juuuuuuuuust in case your friend might not be ready to take the BP jump, learn here now about some other gifts (not your normal gifts of course;)) from my sponsor may fit the bill!

Anything you'd like to add to the list? Leave a link below!

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