Most plus size retailers would have us believing that anyone over a size 28 is plain outta luck. Yet when I walk down the street I don’t see women size 28+ flaunting their beautiful naked bodies…. so that must mean (GASP) they also need clothes to wear!!!! Shocking, I know. Fat people need clothing. Fat WOMEN need clothing. They need clothing that doesn't come from a men's big and tall store (though, let’s be honest all of us look stellar in an over-sized button up).

So this one is for my fat babes size 28+. The plus size clothing industry leaves you behind way too often. You deserve to feel amazing in everything you put on your body.

1.) Cato Fashions – Cato is actual cute, trendy clothes for fat girls, and best of all they are CHEAP! I’m especially impressed by their small but very very awesome “extended sizes” section where you can find super cute shorts like the ones below up to size 34… for $15!!!!

2.) Ulla Popken – With sizes up to 38, Ulla Popken is a great place to shop for career staples and modest dresses. Though most of the clothes are priced around $50, there is a really great “outlet” section of the website where you can find plenty of cute things for a steal!

3.) SWAK Designs – Gorgeous clothes that are everything an on-trend fat girl could want, SWAK (which stands for “sealed with a kiss”) goes up to size 6X/34 and has lots of pieces that hover around $25 so you’re sure to find something totally fashionable for just the right price!!!!

4.) IGIGI – With sizes up to 32 Igigi is on point with their florals and curve hugging wrap dresses. What I love most about this brand is that they don’t shy away from actually showing off the bodies that their clothes are on. You can sign up here to save 15% off your order!

5.) Making It Big – With sizes from 22-48 (1X-8X), making it big truly caters to the larger plus size woman. They have petite and long styles in their pants, and I’ve heard from several people that their quality is excellent. This brand is a bit more expensive than some others, but would be a great place for staple pieces like a great pair of jeans.

6.) FullBeauty – Formerly OneStopPlus, this store is like an online department store for plus size clothing. With brands like Jessica LondonWoman WithinRoaman’s, and Ellos, you've got plenty to pick from! Make sure you check out the Outlet section of the site for great deals. Everything listed below is available up to size 40 or larger.

7.) Big On Batik – Some of the prints on this site are pretty wild, but I wanted to make sure I mentioned it because they've got the cutest most relaxed summer dresses. Most of their dresses utilize smocking which makes them stretchy and flowy. They carry sizes 1X-8X and have some of the cutest models ever!

8.) EShakti – With adorable and well made pieces, Eshakti carries timeless dresses, skirts, and tops that you able to customize. You can add sleeves, change the length, etc all for a small fee. Carries up to size 36.

Honorable mentions:
Catherine’s | Kiyonna | Love Your Peaches

Thanks for joining me !!! I will try to add to this post every time I hear about a new store that carries sizes 28 and up, and you can also check out the post featuring independent designers. Many independent designers do carry extended sizes, so be sure to take a peek! See you next time.


OMG I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS POST! Many of these retailers fall outside my area of "expertise" (though I do love EShakti), so I'm thrilled to share this on The Militant Baker! I left in all of Fat Girl Flow's affiliate links (like the ones found in some of my posts- all biz shiz here) which means that if you purchase anything through the click, you're supporting a kick ass blogger and she can keep on producing the content her readers want. EVERYONE WINS!

Thanks to FGF for putting together such a BAD ASS list of clothing companies that include larger bodies because everyone deserves a great wardrobe if they want it! You can read about more plus companies on her blog here!

If YOU have any suggestions, leave them in the comments (on the blog) that way anyone who finds this in the future will have even more resources!

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