Because I obviously can't wear it on my non-existent sleeve.

I never appreciated the charm, grit and magic that comes with living in the desert until my mid-twenties... which is pretty fucking recent. Up until four or five years ago, I  romanticized  every other part of the country (and world), longing for... well, anything green. Oak lined roads leading to lakes turned me on, y'all.

But somewhere along the way I discovered how enchanting the desert is and can be. The smell of creosote after it rains. The sound of cicadas at night. The unique forms of wildlife who call this and only this place home. The the saguaro lined hilltops. The beautiful community/culture from Mexico that spills over the border. The silent celebration that everyone joins in on when the sun sets in the summer.  (P.S. This post contains affiliate links!)

There is something so real, brutal and honest about life in the desert. I've come to love it so.

All of this made it simple to choose this particular dress the second I laid eyes on it. I feel weirdly sentimental about this one; a kind of sentimentalism thats I can only compare to the way I feel about my tattoos. Maybe it has to do with this fact that this also represents something that has shaped who I've become? Feeling mushy about clothing is weird; sorry for getting awkward on you guys. Places that are so hot that you have to use pot holders to turn your steering wheel? Apparently they do things to me.

I thought about pairing the dress with my ever appropriate cicada earrings, but after a mental arm wrestle, the Frida Kahlo's won the competition. There really wasn't much of a struggle. I've owned these earrings for years and cant remember where they came from, but I found you even cooler ones here. Actually, Etsy has a million options and you should check them ALL OUT.  Other option: get a tattoo of Frida on your arm instead. Worked for me.

The scenic print looks like Monument Valley, but really it could be anywhere in Arizona mixed with everything in Arizona. This state really can be THAT picturesque.

Do you have this much mushy love for your hometown/city/state/country? I never thought I would, but it turns out that while our politics suck... our sunsets, people, and Sonoran Dogs can't be beat.

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