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Before life got weird and famous and overwhelmingly bodylove-ilicious, I was all "Weeelllllll, I guess I'll make a Facebook for my blog. I mean, I don't get why, but I'll do it."

Fast forward 6 months and I realized that I probably needed to get my sexy ass in gear and get me some credible media accounts. And get those credible media accounts I did. If you wanna follow more of me, here are 6 ways you can:

Tweet me, bitches. I love to hear from you. And this is the one way to reach me that won't be buried under 900 unanswered emails. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. This feed is similar to my Facebook stream but is ALSO used for the rare quippy one liners that I find clever, though no one else does. Whatever. Their loss.

This is as personal as it gets. A subscription to my Instagram signs you up for a steady stream of catstagrams, photos of crepes, and portraits of me and my honey being all cute. Be warned; we're really cute.

THIS IS SOMETHING I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT. Starting June 30th, I'll be hosting a weekly video channel where I'll get firey about the media, snappy about life, and gushy about Laura Prepon. That last one is only a maybe-if-you're-lucky kinda deal. Subscribe and join me on the 30th. I'll want your input on what you'd like to see!

The biggest time sucker ever. I love Tumblr for its uncensored goodness. I'll binge post occasionally and you don't wanna miss that shit. It's usually a combination of adorable + inspirational + hilarious + tattoos. WIN.

I loooooooooooooove my Pinterest boards far more than a normal person should. But with titles like Fems, Girl Gangs, and Mondo Trasho... well, how can I not? I also have a super legit Body Image  and Mental Health board that I refer back to often.

And, of course the overly censored, selectively shared, eye-rollingly updated Facebook. Just kidding I love Facebook. I update this almost hourly, so if you haven't liked the page... you're slacking.

So join me ladies and gents! Lets hang out on the interwebz 24/7. Cause that's what the interwebz is for.

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