Ooooooh, Internet, you are so kind to me.

After posting my "OMGYOUCANGETAPLUSSIZEBIKINILOOK" blog, I asked you to share your bikini photos with me. And ya know what? So much awesome started pouring in that I got completely overwhelmed. Women of all sizes, shape, shades, and ages bared their belly for me via the (very visible) Militant Baker Facebook and goddamnit I was so proud. It was a glorious sight to behold.

#VanityAsAFormOfResistance is one of my favorite (super long) hashtags, and I see my shero Subsantia Jones using it a lot. It's exchangeable with the similar #VisibilityAsAFormOfResistance.

These two concepts influence a large majority of my wardrobe and they also highlight the importance of bikinis. When we allow ourselves to wear something that makes us vulnerable, it makes us powerful. When we wear something that makes us powerful, we start to feel sexy. When we start to feel sexy, we begin developing confidence. And when we begin developing confidence, we start allowing ourselves to take up space... and THAT my friends is incredible. In fact, it's pretty damn revolutionary. So start your own personal revolution, whydon'tcha?

"All bodies are bikini ready. All bodies are beautiful!"
-Chrystal of Curvy Girl Lingerie

 “Everyone should enjoy summer; the beach…
In your own skin and body! Enjoy life on earth!” 

“I'm going to buy myself one this year... and wear it, to our local park. 
This is the first year I'm not shaming myself…”
“I purchased a bikini this year, for the first time in my life. 
I'm nervous, but also really excited!” 

“What are you waiting for!! DO IT! 
Feel free and happy and let your body enjoy the sunshine!”
I wore a bikini for the first time two years ago and I cannot tell you how amazing it made me feel - cellulite and tummy rolls and all. I'm going on holiday in a little under a fortnight and I can't wait to rock my bikinis again! 
And this submission from the beach by Sandy is definitely a perfect representation of what body love can look like:

Ladies, your bodies are perfect just at they are, and you don't need to change a thing. I promise. If you're thinking about donning a bikini but are questioning yourself, scroll back up and look at these 85 ladies again. They are all shapes, sizes, shades, and ages. And they rock those bikinis so hard. You can too.

I'm going to repeat myself, because I feel like this is pretty important-

Now, you don't have to wear a bikini, if you're not into that sort o' thing. Don't get me wrong. However... if you want to, I'm cheering you on.

If you submitted a picture, but don't see it up there (sorry!) post it below! We wanna see your gorgeous self being all powerful and sexy and taking up space. 'Cause you definitely deserve that shit.


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