Mmmm, I LOVE making adventure lists. Adventure lists being: an organized reminder to get out of my daily routine and try a few new things! I'm not in school, so summer doesn't have that "vacation" feel for me but all the students from the University of Arizona leave for 3 months... and this creates an entire energy shift in Tucson. An energy shift that makes me feel like I'm on vacation and the world is mine! Here are a few things that I'll be doing this summer:

Paint a bicycle hot pink: I have an adorable hipster bike that needs to be hot pink with glitter. I'm also considering handle bar ribbons. A Lisa Frank helmet may be taking it too far, but I'm not gonna rule it out all together. Try a new dance class: JourneyDance, blues dancing, and tango are on the list! Successfully start a Non-Profit: hefty task, but I'm up for it! Go on a weekend road trip: I'm itching to get out of town! Make yogurt. Keep a plant alive for the whole summer: this is a big deal for me. Learn how to do chalk art: I'd love to learn hand lettering and the whole shebang! Plan a photo shoot: I just got a new lens and I'm aching to do a photo shoot. Watch an outdoor movie: here in town, they show movies outdoors at La Placita. You bring a blanket and snacks and lounge summer style. Create a cocktail: this is the summer of delicious mixed drinks. I wanna make my own! Throw a porch party: with papel picado banners and a band. Tie Dye. Recreate a scene from Amelie: I've wanted to do this for ages. Thankfully I have a good friend to collaborate with. Fly kites. Listen to a symphony under the stars. Go to the theatre: theatre with an re, thank you very much. Make ice cream. Try blowing glass: yes. Yes yes yes, this must happen. Make papel picado banners: a beautiful form of Mexican folk art, I'd love to try my hand. Visit the swap meet: the Tucson Swap Meet is a lively market with amazing finds. I can't wait to treasure hunt. Pet an iguana: this is my "fear confrontation" on the list. Iguanas freak me out, and I'm gonna pet one... just to get it over with. Model in boudoir photos: I'm planning on pestering Liora K about this until I've got the sexiest photos on the planet. I'm thinking Hips and Curves has the perfect outfit for me.

So whats on YOUR summer list? Do you have any suggestions for me that I should include? And whats your favorite part of summer where you are?

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