One perk about living in the desert? It's swimsuit season more often than it's not.

I find it kind of funny that this summer I've been more in love with my body than ever before... but I never wore a bikini. Maybe it's because the gold foil two piece I've been waiting for never appeared, or maybe it's because I no longer need to prove to myself that I can do it. I just know I can. It's probably both. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE ME A GOLD BIKINI KTHX.

Last summer I wore my first fatkini to a San Diego beach... and I remember how nervous I was. My kick ass mother took the pictures for me and though it was a positive experience, I worried that all eyes were on me. Everyone sunbathing couldn't give a shit about the fat purple gal in the ocean, but I felt conspicuous. Super duper conspicuous.

After a year of wearing whatever I want, I no longer think twice about a see-through blouse, crop top, booty shorts, skintight dresses... or any revealing clothing for that matter. Though I still have bad days, the positive now outnumber them 30 to one. How fucking great is that?

The last swimsuit I'm adding to my collection this year is this pin-up inspired black lace beauty from ModCloth. It runs a little large, but that "suits me just fine". Ba-dun-chhhhh.  If you want it, click here and search the plus swimwear. Also: red velvet glasses and black velvet shoes with water... it just seems like a bad idea, right? Yep. It is. But these pictures are worth it.

We have another month and a half of warm weather to look forward to here in Tucson. What about where you live? Is it cooling down yet, or do you have more opportunities to show your babely body off? And what was your favorite suit you wore this summer? I'm curious what you purchased...

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