"This One Thing I Really Love About My Body" is a no nonsense challenge for all of us to put our self admiration into words when it comes to something we never allow ourselves to talk about... body pride. Its a difficult task that counters everything we've learned, but I'm offering you a chance to thwart self hate and submit what you love about you. It could be a body part, it could be a physical attribute, it could be a strength... anything that comes to mind. Other entries are found here!

Like most/all women, I have always struggled with my body and myself. But there has been one consistent thing that I love about my body. Yup, my bellybutton. 

Over the years many people have said to me, "You have the perfect bellybutton for a piercing!" And I've always been like, yeah, well, I know. I thought about piercing it, once, wondering if it would make me sexier. If I could make my stomach more desirable. But, after almost doing it a few times, I realized that I don't want that. I think my bellybutton is perfect just the way it is. I love the way that it looks on my stomach. I love the noise it makes when my man tickles me and blows a raspberry right overtop of it (it makes me laugh hysterically).

When I was little I used to be able to do this pretty sweet thing where I would pull on either side of my bellybutton and the innie would turn into an outie. I thought it was fascinating, and I used to show everyone. "Lookit this cool thing my bellybutton can do!" One day in high school, I realized that my bellybutton couldn't do the cool thing anymore. It was a little bit of a sad moment, and I thought about piercing it again. I didn't, because my bellybutton has just as much awesomeness now as it did then. It's just a little more grownup. 

And on days where I don't much like my stomach, my bellybutton helps me out, a little reminder right in the middle of everything.

Visit Vanessa here, and thank her for bravely baring her stomach for the world to see! Much love!


  1. Beautiful!

    How do we go about submitting for this? Just write something up and email it?

  2. So I absolutely LOVE your blog, & I just wanted to let you know I'm nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger award. :) Don't worry about actually responding to the post or doing the "nominate ten more people" shindig stuff, just wanted you to know how awesome you are & that I will be acknowledging it on mah blog!

    Keep bein' cool! And thanks for posting my little paragraph about my bellybutton. :)


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