I LOVE it when I follow through! Part one of this series was such a success that we simply had to do another. Until now, I never understood the importance of sharing where I get the clothing that I wear... To be perfectly honest, I though it was frivolous and a little bit narcissistic  BUT I'VE REPENTED OF MY STODGY OLD WAYS. Because, you see, plus fashion is a bit of a treasure hunt and it's REALLY difficult to find the things you love in a world of straight sizes. You know how it is. Add on to that my commitment to keep fatshion a political statement, and the reasons to share increase exponentially. So, I promise to keep sharing where I spot my finds, and today I'm sharing nine other amazing bloggers who were generous enough to share their treasure troves as well.  Feel free to click their picture to be directed to their personal site, as well as click on every link below to get lost in a sea of fashopportunity. That's still not a real word, but it still should be.  

Hold on to your sexy plus-size britches one more time, its about to get awesome up in here:

In Australia we are a little short of options when it comes to plus size shopping, my go to store is Australia plus size store City Chic (online and store). From there I mostly shop at ASOS (who doesn't love free postage!) and Dorothy Perkins. I get most of my swimwear at City Chic, I find it most supportive and  they release 4-6 diverse styles each season!

I generally only shop for clothes online, so these 3 websites are my favourite places to buy fun clothing. is probably my favourite, they go up to a size 26 & offer a decent amount of on trend items. I also really like the brand South at, which goes up to a size 24. It also has on trend pieces as well as basics. After those two, is probably my 3rd favourite, they go up to a size 26, sometimes 28, & stock a variety of brands. Their stuff also has the advantage of being pretty cheap, compared to ASOS & Very.

Where I live, there just aren't a whole lot of brick and mortar shopping options. We have the "Big 3," of course (Lane Bryant, Torrid, Avenue), but those places just aren't really my steez. Luckily,JC Penney has come out of nowhere and stepped their game alllll the way up this year. I love their designer collaboration lines, and my JCP has a Sephora inside! Two birds, one stone, empty wallet, ya know? Higher end department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's are great places to look for quality investment pieces. And to brag just a little, I have the privilege of working for a little independent plus size boutique called Re/Dress, so I get first dibs on cool pieces before they go up on the site!

I do most of my shopping online, so I have way too many favorites. To make a long list short: I don't know how they do it, but I am always pleased as punch with my purchases from Simply Be. Their clothing just fits me like a glove! Now that ModCloth has modified their sizing chart, I have finally been able to shop there. I feel good about supporting a company that cares about its plus size customers so much. And my favorite indie company, Domino Dollhouse, just kills it every season. I think it's important for us as a community to support companies run by and for fat women, especially ones that are as fashion forward as DD!

I've bought swimsuits all over the place. I recently bought a fatkini from WalMart, of all places. I've found some great ones at TJ Maxx and Torrid in the past. As for online, I love MonifC's fatkinis, and of course Esther Williams swimsuits are classic!

Happy shopping, babes!
xo, Erin

When I shop for summer clothes, I usually keep my eyes peeled for cute summer dresses that are not loo long (which I find problematic being a US size 14, yet only 5'2) or too short (must wear hotpants underneath when it's super warm to avoid the chub rub) - thirdly, my perfect summer dresses shouldn't bee see-through. Thinking back on what I have stocked up in my wardrobe, I can safely say that H&M (online at or at their shops) or Primark have never failed to deliver dresses that match these criteria. Primark introduced sizes 20 and, rarely, 22, about a year ago, but sizing, in my eyes, has gone a little crazy, everywhere, so that you're sure to find some bargain wardrobe gems in there, no matter what size you are.

When it comes to retailers that cater to plus sizes especially, Asos Curve is my number one source for summer clothing. What I like most of all is that they usually adapt pieces from their "normal" range, which makes Asos one of the most fashionable clothing retailer. I got my favourite swimsuit on there, in a size 18: It's red, hot, and with a bandeau slouchy top.

Lastly, us Germans have C&A (also available online), where it's super easy and affordable to shop for summer basics like sleeveless tops, cropped jeans/ shorts and swimwear. You're lucky to find a stand-out or trendy piece in there, but they sometimes really deliver. It's my go-to place for basic stuff - they do lovely cardigans, which you need when summer nights get chilly.

I've spent a lot of time shopping for clothes since I started my blog, and I know it can be challenging to find great plus size items. Personal style plays a huge part in any shopping, but what follows are my top three favorite online retailers that offer plus size clothing. First up, I do so much of my shopping on the Forever 21 website. They've got a really good selection of plus size clothing on their website, under the Forever 21 Plus section. This is my absolute go to shop for online shopping, as they carry a great selection of on trend and current fashions. Another website that I frequent is Asos, specifically their Curve & Inspire section. A lot of the items they offer really speak to me, and despite the fact that they are based in the UK, I've had nothing but great experiences as a US-based shopper. My third favorite online retailer is Domino Dollhouse. What I really love about Domino Dollhouse is the expansive selection of totally awesome accessories & jewelry. You can find a lot of really fabulous statement pieces there that will take your outfits to a whole other level! Lastly, I want to give a bonus shout out to Modcloth, because in addition to having a mind-blowing selection of cute garments (often with a retro feel) they also have what is in my opinion the best plus size swimwear selection that I've found in online retail.

The three stores I shop the most online are ASOS, Simply Be & Nordstrom. These online stores carry fashionable and well made plus size clothing. They always have a variety of clothing options to fit my lifestyle. I've seldom have a problem with shipping and when I did have an issue I received quality customer service to resolve the matter. 

I like to shop at a mix of stores.  Probably my top 3 brick-and-mortar stores are: Nordstrom Rack (they have a lot of great quality on-trend pieces and some of my favorite bags and jewelry),Forever 21 (I know it's "throw-away" fashion by some standards, but with my budget and my love of stuff that is on-trend, it's a necessary component of my wardrobe), and Target (again - it's my budget consciousness that dictates those purchases - but their stuff is great to mix with other pieces).  I do quite a bit of online shopping as well because often there are just so many more options for clothing in my size.  My top 3 online stores are: eShakti (great dresses and i love that you can customize!), ModCloth (again - super cute pieces and i love that they're expanding beyond the 'fit-and-flare'), and ASOS (great euro-trendy pieces, but be warned that they tend to run really large).  I also purchase from Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Carmakoma and a few other overseas online sites. And I do an incredible amount of vintage/thrift shopping in Chicago and end up getting pieces tailored or whatever to really fit my frame.

As for swimsuits, I buy mine at barenecessities, because I love that I can buy pieces by the bra size.  They don't have a super wide range of sizes for plus, but so many cute underwire bikini tops for those of us that are DD+ (like this cute patterned bikini by Fantasie, or this cute stripe bikini by Cleo - with bottoms up to 3X)

As a plus size woman shopping can be tricky, so when you find a brand that not only fits your curves but also your personal taste you hold onto it for dear life, shop till you drop and of course share your goldmine with others! When I think about my favorite places to shop for clothing that fits my body and style I lean towards youthful brands that are on trend and bring a bit of an edge to their pieces. I keep in mind varying price ranges as well and try to have a go-to in every price point. Following this formula my favorite online shops are ASOS (specifically the Curve & Inspire line), Forever21+, and City Chic! When it comes to this seasons swimwear there are so many new options out there for the plus size woman. Check out my post on Plus Size Swimwear For Every Budget to take a look at some of my favorite swimsuits this season!

Ahhh the pursuit of the prefect summer dress. The chase for me starts at the end of May and continues on until the chill comes in the fall. It then turns into the pursuit of the prefect pair of boots. Of course this quest never ends because I am a junky, a glutton for summer maxis and halters. A collector if you will. I have some staple places I shop in my desire for summer dresses.
1. CandyStrike: I own a plus size boutique here in Tucson (and online) and I often sport my own inventory. As a designer I often make clothing for myself and when I do I try to make sure it's unique and something you may not have seen before on an ample woman. That's what CandyStrike offers. Unique statement pieces, many of which are one of a kind.
2. ASOSCurve: I know this is a favorite of many. There are few things on that site that I don't like. It's clear that they have a good sense of what a plus woman wants.Their prices can be mid level to high. I'm a hunter, so I wait for my prey to go on sale and then snatch it up. You can score some major deals if you sign up to their newsletter and grab the coupon codes. The major bonus of ASOS is that they have free shipping both ways so if something doesn't fit then send on back! Easy peasy! Do know that their sizes run large and I often have to take in their clothing.
3. Bettie Page Clothing: So something about summer makes me want to run around in full skirts and halter dresses Sandra D style. I have a huge bosom and it can become problematic when buying vintage cuts. BPC has done a great job with 50's silhouettes and translating them to plus sizes. Their prices are in the higher range so you may have to save up but they're worth it and good quality.
Oh and don't dismiss thrift stores and estate sales. Nothing's better than a summer Sunday morning ice coffee, and estate sale hunt with girlfriends! Good luck with your hunt!


Wanna share your shopping secrets in the comments below?
Lets make this the ultimate guide! Ready... GO!

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