Day one of the conference, and I'm diggin' it. I think tomorrow will be more informative and the classes will be a little more challenging... AND I'll be presenting in a workshop as well. I've been a little tense about the whole situation because I felt like what I had prepared wasn't, well, I don't know. It wasn't what it needed to be. Luckily for me, I sat down in the first lecture and it just came to me. In a freakish revalatory way. I just made that world up, but its perfect. So I'm no longer stressed and know that tomorrow will be just fine... especially because tonight calls for swimming, bubble baths, and wine. How can you have a stressful day when you preface it with a night like that? You cant. The answer is: you can't.

So check out my version of "business casual". I think I'm a product of desert culture which dictates casual attire above all else. I wonder what it will be like when I move to an East Coast or European city and how I'll adjust. I did wear cowboy boots in Italy though. That was awesome. Maybe I'll be okay.

I LOVE this skirt from CandyStrike. It's a pretty bold statement piece and I paired it with a sheer tank top from Hips and Curves. I love how the back swoops down a little longer than the front, and of course I wore a cami underneath. I wouldn't go with a sheer top and a bra to a professional conference. I'm casual, but not THAT casual guys.

C'mon now.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand check out my lanyard and badge that reminded me how kinda sorta cool I am. CRSS = Certified Recovery Support Specialist and BHT = Behavioral Health Technician. Fancy words to say that I'm crazy, amazing, and that I have years of experience in the field. Makes me beam just the tiniest bit.


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