Remember my obsession with platforms? Yeah, that's still a thing. I figured these were the perfect pair to wear while I visited Liz and watched plus sized ladies strut their stuff. And, dear god, I was right.

First of all, how incredible is it to have a runway audition for plus gals only? Liz is a Tucson pioneer for us large ladies and I think we owe her a drink or two as a thank you. Actually, I'm gonna organize that shit. It was pretty kick ass to watch sassy gals strut to dance music, but I think what I loved the most was walking into a room filled with supportive friends and girls that loved me. It was just what I needed today. I fully realize that I am a lucky lucky lady, and I appreciate every minute of it.


I don't think there is really choice about what you do after one of these events... Aren't you kinda obligated to go get frozen yogurt? Well, we did just that and had 2 hours of totally inappropriate conversation while we were at The Parlour. Which, by the way, charges you only by the cup size and not the weight. Hence the following amazing blue shirt. Conversation topics covered: Archie Comic porn, our favorite non-fiction, future haircuts, Doctor Who, why some become irate over an silly opinion, Top Gear, Las Vegas kink clubs, 50 Shades of Grey, why Liora doesn't like The Hunger Games, art and obesity, the weird need for women to please others by smiling, and other topics that easily traumatize the average customer.

I grin every time I think about how amazing it is to have a famous photographer as a friend. I just say "Oh hey, you take picture of me plz?" and she always says yes. And then she nails it. Every time. That skirt by the way? That's from Target, and apparently only available in stores. Shoes are Jessica Simpson (shit, that woman has amazing taste) here and top was thrifted. Sorry about that last one suckahs.

It's really miraculous that I can walk in these shoes. When wearing them I am over 5'10", and it's something I've never experienced before. It's kind of like a pair of sexy stilts. And remember how I felt about ankle straps? Yeah, I'm totally over that.

I'm curious: have you ever walked a runway? If not, would you?

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