Fact: I was an amazingly pretentious hipster for the longest time. A self-obsessed bitch, if I'm going to be honest. Downtown Tucson really enables this behavior it was my pleasure to turn my nose up at anything that wasn't counter-culture, independent, progressive and worthy of extreme snobbery. I've repented though. As my frontal lobe developed I came to realize that I was missing out on some really great shit... for absolutely no reason. Below are the top 9 things that I now adore. Shamelessly.

Starbucks. Most downtown kids proudly worked at small coffee shops for minimum wage. I've worked at three, and lord did I think I was a bad-ass. There is an unspoken rule that you must despise Starbucks with every anti-corporate molecule of your being. Shit talk about how "they've lost the art of espresso and insult coffee lovers with their Frappuccinos" was encouraged. After leaving that caffeinated world I started to realize how goddamn convenient Starbucks was. New York Times, pastries, adorable baristas, and consistent coffee all under one roof? Yes please. While I was in Sedona I was lost, desperately searching for a cafe and when I nearly gave up... I spotted the glorious green logo. They are literally everywhere and offer a promise of dependable coffee no matter the city you're in. God bless Howard Schultz.

Taylor Swift. I didn't just turn my nose up at Swift. I actively hated her. She was the ruination of the music industry if you asked me. I can't even express to you how much I happily blare pop music now. Bands I deprived myself of now are the perfect pick-me-ups: Maroon 5. Kesha. Kelly Clarkson. Flo Rida. Katy Perry. Beyonce. Cee Lo. And yes, Selena Gomez. Just try and stop me from dancing my ass off.

Yoga pants.
My wardrobe was comprised of vintages dresses. And only vintage dresses. Not only was I against yoga pants, but all pants in general; I was a lady goddamnit. But I was MISSING OUT on the most comfortable piece of clothing ever made. I now own several pairs and not only wear them to yoga class, but to work, to bed, and to the store. Proudly. Plus, they make my ass look great.

Sleep. I still can't figure out how I functioned on 4 hours of sleep everyday. Occasionally I stayed up for 48 hours; I would party, go to work, and party some more. This is physically impossible for me now, and my brain hurts if I sleep less than 8. I think I may have been made of pure adrenaline in my early 20's.

Oprah's Book Club. In addition to cafes, I worked in the hippest (and consequentially asshole filled, me included) bookstore in Tucson. I dismissed any book that was offered in pocketbook size or popular in mainstream circles. But one day, I picked up "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy (the cover wasn't too trendy) and realized... "Oh shit. These are popular for a reason." This opened up a world of great reads which also included the previously reviled genre of Chick Lit. Have you ever read Jodi Picoult? It's addicting.

Online dating. I didn't have a need for online dating as a downtown hipster simply because I was always "out". I did end cap this time in my life with some great experiences though and I'm currently writing an article about it all. Dear lord, it's gonna be good.

Personal planners. How the FUCK did I keep anything straight without writing it down? This still baffles me. I now have several; necessary for work, the other work, and this work, though now I mostly just use my phone. I'm still confused about how I managed my obligations for years without documenting anything.

The Bravo channel. And cable in general. I did have a t.v. which was pretty unpopular in my circles, but I definitely didn't believe in cable. And certainly not trashy reality shows like "The Millionaire Matchmaker" or "Pregnant in Heels". Televisions were only for watching art films, cult classics, and full seasons of Jem and The Holograms thankyouverymuch. I don't have time for cable right now, though I still have it for True Blood and Dexter (and soon Breaking Bad!). But do I feel guilty about watching Bravo? Hell no. If anything, it makes me appreciate my life;)

Fancy beer. Just kidding, I'm still too cool for this. Well, actually, I just really dislike it. PBR and Highlife was what I was "raised on" as a cool kid, and still what I prefer. The really hoppy stuff just makes me crinkle my nose and there is NOTHING better than Coors with orange juice. Call it a "Manmosa", call it a "Lunch Box", whatever. I call it Good. I don't really drink it anymore because of gluten intolerance, but when I'm craving a headache, Highlife it is!

Guys. I know you all have things that you were too cool for. Don't try and hide it. Confess! What were they?

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