My obsession with swimwear is still going strong, and I plan on having even more posts before the season's end. The great part about living in Arizona though, is that we can swim in outdoor pools for the majority of the year. Swimsuits are even acceptable as public casual wear down here; I'm sure this has something to do with my love as well. Well, that and this is the first summer I've been able to feel comfortable in them. It seems like such a small thing, but it's life changing for me.

I purchased this suit from Torrid, but I now think I should have ordered a size larger. It straps my boobs down just fine, which makes swimming laps problem free... but it doesn't cover as much as I would like. I think my favorite part of the suit is the mesh hidden underneath the rainbow leopard fabric.

Have you ever purchased suits from Torrid? Is it common for them to run small, or is it just me? And have you bought a swimsuit for summer yet? If so, where did you decide to buy it from? And my burning question is: is it weird to be this passionate about swimwear?

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