Because the world needs more women like this. Because we are building a new point of reference. Because the more we view, the more accustomed we become.  Because the more we see their confidence, the more it inspires ours.  Because viewing fierce + foxy + fat together makes it less of a phenomenon. Because they are living proof that exclusive beauty standards can go blow a balloon. Because they own it, and we can too.



  1. I totally agree, they all look freaking amazing.

  2. love this! thank you for starting my day off right!

  3. They're gorgeous! And Luna Love reminded me that I need a lacy fan. Too sexy!

  4. Those are some gorgeous girls! :D

  5. We should be able to feel comfortable in our skin and feel beautiful. Big, small, short, tall. However, we feel we look best. Love these photos of these beautiful women. x Tamara Red Coat Studio

  6. Beautiful, beautiful ladies.

    But is the way to stick your middle finger up at beauty standards making a list of fat, but otherwise conventionally attractive women? I'm not saying this isn't a good list, but it would be nice to see some PoC, not just ultra feminine wear, women with different body shapes not just busty or hourglass girls. Pearshapes, dark skin, buzz cuts and small chests on fat ladies are sexy too!

    1. In a way, it is. So, yes!:)

      You can always go "further" to expand your visual repertoire of "atypical" female shapes. Always. There are MILLIONS of images of fat and sexy women and I could have collected for houuuuuuuuurs! While I was saving images, all I thought about was to be sure that they were much larger than what we normally see and also that I loved the aesthetic quality of the photo... which is why a lot of them are "professional" and colorful:) These are images that inspire me; it's not meant to be a representation of all fat women.

      I absolutely agree that pearshapes, dark skin, buzz cuts and small chests are sexy too. ALL LADIES ARE SEXY, WORLD! ALL OF THEM!

      If you compile an image list of sexy fatties with even more diverse qualities, link me up! Would love to see them!

    2. I was looking at the hourglass shapes like you mentioned... you're totally right. I think I'm really attracted to them because they mirror my body shape. I did notice that 6, 11, and 23 are not though...which makes me proud of myself;)

      Thanks for commenting love.

  7. I definitely agree with 'the more we view, the more accustomed we become'. I feel very strange sometimes telling people that I believe in fat acceptance and body confidence because I'm someone who was born thinner than a stick and couldn't be fat if I tried. But then I realized that it really works on both sides of the spectrum... if all the fat people in the world started loving and accepting their bodies, there are still those who are taught to believe that fat is ugly, fat is unhealthy. I've really started training myself this past year to look at fat people and think 'I will not judge them because they are fat, I have no idea how healthy they are' and even realizing that fat people can be beautiful, which can be so difficult sometimes because you just don't see examples of it! I loved Rachele's almost nude pictures because t made me realize how beautiful fat can be! I've also slowly been trying to ease other people out of saying negative things about fat people or about themselves related to how 'fat' they are. I think it's really difficult to change mindsets and sometimes people get mad at me for promoting others to be 'unhealthy'. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be for fat people to defend themselves!

  8. these are great images! love these girls! :)


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