Clara is the adorable voice behind Lucyndiamonds that paints amazing sugar skulls and wears the greatest glasses I've ever seen. I'm so happy she's the 15th Baker Babe!

Name: Clara

Occupation: Live-In Life Skill Staff 
Dream occupation: trying to figure that out.....
Age: 23

What was your earliest memory about baking?
Probably somewhat sexist but those little toy oven I got for Christmas when I was like, five. I thought I was this 'damn' good after making a cake out of a package! 

Howd’ja get started baking?
My Mum is big on baking and she is GOOD. She makes pies, cupcakes, cookies, and whatnots. She does not really let me bake. I think something to do with being dominant? It runs in my Mom's side. But I got to observe then I took food education in high school and became an aspiring pastry chef (which did not happen professionally) 

When you picture “a baker” what do you see?
Someone covered in flour with perfectly cracked eggs, and a little bit of sprinkles on the nose&lips! 

What qualities or skills does it take to be a baker?
1) Your imagination has to be at NO limitation
2) The ability to turn a mistake into something else
3) Big heart for sugar- I mean what's the point of baking without sampling? ;) 
4) Kindred spirit for sharing, your goodies spread the love!!!

What was the biggest baking FAIL you ever had?
I first entered a cake decorating competition and I made a three-tier wedding cake but forgot to install the structure post. The fondant was heavy and my cake sank into the first tier, by time the judges arrived. -_- 

How do you feel about Martha Stewart?
I'm totally giving Martha a side-eye when I read this. I think she's a home economic dictator.  

Tell me something random that most people don't already know:
Someday I hope to become a burlesque dancer named Cinnamon Butter

If you had to be an ingredient in a recipe, what would you be?

Will you share your all time favorite recipe with us?
Rosemary Shortbread (Read the recipe here!)

Thanks Clara... I'm so glad we e-met. 
I can wait to see a burlesque routine on the web someday!

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