Guys. I've been biting my tongue and sitting on my hands until I laid enough of a foundation to properly introduce my new project. I am so excited about this venture, and though its only in its first stage... it's going to be revolutionary. I know it. 
Wanna know what it is?

 I'm creating a...

It's okay if you don't know exactly what it is... it's actually never existed before, at least not like this!

Neat huh?!? (readmorehere) It's an all day event held on October 19th at (crossing my fingers) the University of Arizona. I'm going to present an idea of partnership with a UofA group of women who's philosophy mirrors Girls For A Change. Match made in heaven. Once I secure the location, I can build a budget proposal and then film an Indiegogo campaign! I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm by the women here in Tucson... it is such a supportive town. Things to do come in groups of a million, but I'm up for the challenge. And get this: part of the conference will be flying in one (or two) high profile speakers to share their thoughts and stories about body acceptance. Stoked.

So, I'm gonna need your help. For now, I want to hear YOUR ideas of what you would want to see at such an event! What kind of classes and workshops would you like? What kind of speakers and presentations? What else should be included so that this day can change lives?!?

As this progresses, I'll keep you updated and in the loop... I can't wait to see how it unfolds. And for all of you NOT close enough to travel for this, fret not. I'm going to have the speakers filmed Tedx style and posted so every woman in the world can participate in the self love seminar.

The website is UP for informational purposes (which just means I'll be editing it every day:)), so take a gander. I'm want to hear ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS. Body Love community, tell me what you think. I value you and your opinions.

Will you take a minute and click the link below? Its a little questionnaire that is perfect for submitting your thoughts about body love. It's anonymous, brief, and wonderful... I would love it if you could share with me. You know you wanna...


  1. This is an amazing initiative, I am excited to see it's progression. Keep us posted!

  2. AMAZING!!! I'm so excited... and I'm in ARIZONA! Ahhh! Can't wait to hear more, will keep my brain churning for idea's! You rock, so love your blog! <3


  3. That's fuckin' awesome, good for you !


    Haha but seriously...I'm so excited for you Jes. See? Here's the part where you change the world...it's happening!

  5. That sounds exciting! I know a problem I (and many of my friends) have struggled with is finding ways to STAY body positive in the face of marketing and trying on clothes. It's easy enough to be body positive for one day, but to develop that into a habit until you truly believe yourself beautiful? Incredibly difficult. Something like this might just empower us with the keys to make that happen.
    THANK YOU! :)

    1. YES. Thank you for sharing. Learning how to maintain body love is so hard! Hopefully we can build a community of friends and also send women away with resources:)


  6. Amazing!!! I really wish I could attend! how awesome of you to share the seminar electronically!

  7. Holy crap Jes! This is amazing!!! I'm happy you're sharing this seminar electronically but I'm so bummed that I won't be there in person!

    I also LOVE how the website is laid out! The images, the swishing from one page to the next, it's all just so freaking awesome!

    Now this is dorky, and this is my environmental side coming out, but would you do a thing about DivaCups? There's a post about it on my blog, but I think it would be great to help self love and care for our bodies. Plus aiding the environment isn't all that bad, haha.

    Can't wait to hear more about this Jes!!

    1. Its definitely something to look into! It kinda follows along with making our own choices and not necessarily defaulting to whats already done!

  8. OK pal. If you are looking for submissions, I will totally write one and fly my little old self out there for this. I would love to know how I can help. I will email you.



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