Just a reminder that it's almost time to sponsor The Militant Baker again. I want to challenge those of you who have never ad swapped with me to claim a place on my sidebar! If you would like help designing an ad, let me know... I would love to assist.  So new and old blog lovers, click here to select a medium spot and use the code: ITSCOLDWEATHER! Its an homage to my Thanksgiving weekend that I spend huddled on the couch watching ONCE while blowing my nose every two minutes. I will be thankful for my immune system once it shows the fuck up. Just kidding immune system, I love you. Don't leave me.

I wanted to share a few cute shots of my friends Ben and Amy and their equally silly kiddo Jane. We had fun in the Tucson Botanical Gardens last weekend and it reminded me that I still need to take family pictures and send out our newsletter as well. I know for the rest of you it may seem strange that it's 60 degrees here in November, but the truth is that according to Ben: we live in Paradise. We're lucky to wear sweaters today when many are trucking through the snow. Mele Kalikimaka bitches.

I don't subscribe to the religious aspects of Christmas, but I'll be damned if it isn't my favorite time of year. I love playing Ella Fitzgerald's holiday album, boiling spices on the stove top, night walks with coats and scarves, Christmas baking (ZOMGCHRISTMASBAKING), craft nights, family time, everything. Love. What are your plans for the next month? Is this a positive time of year for you? Or a negative?


  1. I just boiled some spices and wine on the stove!
    PS- I pinned this adorable dog onto my chihuahua board ;)

  2. Mmmmm, cannot wait for Christmas cookies <3

  3. hey boss lady.
    I just renewed my medium spot, and used the provided promo code but it didn't seem to work. Thoughts? Am I doing it wrong?


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