I find myself either overwhelmed by the amount of blogs that exist in my microcosmic web world,
or bored and in a dry spell. I think I'm doing it wrong.

I'll make you a deal. I'll share three of my daily reads, and then you share yours. 

So, I read these everyday:
The Nearsighted Owl
(She is everything I want in a woman. Er, blog)
Grits and Moxie
Tales of a Tumbleweed 
(Beca and I are RLF, and I love to see what fun things she is up to.)
I'm also really getting into this gal.

I also want the blogs that are awesome over and over and over again. The ones that are pretty AND smart. Controversial AND crafty. Do they exist? Do you know of them? Can you tell me so I can lurk in happiness?


(I also have a super long blogroll here, that doesn't discriminate;))


  1. Hi, my name is Mariani and I'm your new follower from Brazil. I found it here after reading the Nearsighted Owl blog which I simply loved. This space here is nice and I hope to come here many times.

  2. Great list of daily reads ;) I am actually in the process of... I guess... Re-evaluation my daily reads. Re-evaluating what I want from blogging too!
    So I guess I have two of my current fav blogs with interesting perspectives that I think are up and coming and run by some wonderful girls!

    Awkward Indie Girl:
    and My Latest Obsession:


  3. Indie girl is all about self acceptance! How AWESOME! And Sam is just too cute. Thanks for those!

  4. Rachele is also my lady shero! My blog is so sadly inconsistent right now (finals)

  5. Holy crapola! I'm beyond thrilled that you included me in this awesome list! Coming from you, one of my blogging heroes, this means so very much to me... :)

    My daily reads include The Militant Baker (your photos are amazing, we are baking soul sisters and your honesty in blogging has no equal) as well as The Nearsighted Owl (she's freaking amazing too!)...and I love to follow the adventures of the ladies at JellyBones, grimmricksen and Trailgrrl among many, many others.

  6. My daily reads include grits and moxie and the nearsighted owl too! I also Lovelovelove gypsy in jasper, little lady little city and whole larder love.

  7. I read Rachele's as well, and a few of the other ones listed.

    I love Topsy Hair and Havoc. They are hilarious. And she is just super sweet.

    I also read Strawberry Mohawk on the regular. She is funny, witty, and into all things vintage.

    And I read one of my friends blogs whenever she posts because man, she just has a knack for making me bust out laughing. She blogs about sewing, her spawn, life, etc. Love it.

    1. I think andrea from strawberry mohawk and i are twins and long lost soul sisters. THANKS FOR SENDING ME HER WAY!

    2. haha You are welcome. She is pretty badass.

  8. See, those are in my top blogs (as well as you), so I'll talk about SimplyMayra at PonderWonders (

    She is so spiritual and super positive (which in a world of depressing things, she is a a fun breath of fresh air). But I think everyone should check her out 'cause she's on your side bar too ;D

  9. is amazing!

    Technically, it's not a blog, it's just a bunch of stories about the life and times of a lady who dresses up about a princess for kids' parties. Buut it will provide you with hours of entertainment ;3

  10. thanks for the shout out rlf :)

  11. Hello I'm your new followers and I really enjoy your blog so far. If you want you can check my new and fresh fashionblog and maybe you can give me some tips about blogging! Thanks in advance!

    Lots of love,
    Sandra from

  12. Hey!
    Firstly, let me say your blog is amazing and fantastic and has the perfect balance and cute and sassy and pretty and smart. three favourite blogs are.
    As well as your lovely blog.

    My blog is if you want to have a little look too.

  13. I read about 100 through Google reader but off the top of my head - 3 favs are:

    Vintage Passions Just Like Mine
    Helga Von Trollop
    The Hair Hall of Fame

    Come celebrate December with my Countdown to Kitschmas

  14. You know what's awesome? Today my mum & I were blog chatting and she said "That militant baker seems like you could get lost in her posts for hours" Then we talked about how awesome you are, and how amazing your outlook on life and different views are. And she's totally right. Your blog is definitely one of my favourites right now, and it goes back to my posts about reading something with meaning - which is of your posts!

    SO, thanks for being awesome!

  15. Jes, You are the sweetest, thanks so much for the shoutout this week. I'm so excited to have found your blog and keep reading!

  16. I'm a fan of Sometimes Sweet at

    To be honest, I wish I had as much courage as you do when it comes to expressing your beliefs. Here's a go, especially considering you're a Tucson gal:

  17. If there is a blog out there called "crafts and controversy," I need to know about it. Talk about the perfect combination.

    I'm going to scroll through these comments to find some new good reads too.

    I just discovered, and I also adore

  18. love your attitude and your smile, does that make me a stalker cause I love you??? oh wait. I don't love you. yea, I don't LOVE you per-say. but I do love your blog. it's fun, it's insightful, you make me laugh and I love that your not worried about what others think about you because it's a 'live with it or fuck off' attitude that I think is AWESOME! I might be back later. take car now!

    1. that was supposed to be take care*...pup decided that she was going to bump the office chair handle and I went down...not a pretty site. elbows up to my ears, knees up to my chest. finger tips just barely touching the keys..train wreak city.

    2. Thanks so much! I love people too, so I'll take it!



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