25 Things Fat People Shouldn't Do is an unabashed middle finger to the preposterous idea that any human who weighs more than the status quo does not deserve to live a full and well rounded (ahem) life. The list of 25 is composed word for word from direct lists of sheer assholery found on the internet. These range from the absurd to the profoundly shameful, and I will be disproving this offensive notion with style. Feel free to join in on the fun, and if you do, post a link to your post at the bottom so I can share. May the Chub Club live long and prosper!

If anything, you would think that fat people would be THE BEST at cannonballing. Its pure science, isn't it? More surface area = bigger splash. I can only assume that fat people should not cannonball for fear of flooding the entire town they live in, but I don't believe a word they say. So, I very selfishly put the safety of a million people at risk while I tested this theory.

So fat people can safely cannonball! No need to pull out the emergency kits and rafts just yet. I haven't "cannonballed" since I was a kid, so I found this post incredibly FUN. I jumped 10 more times just for the hell of it. Still no flood, just more fun. Though I do need to work on my cannonball face... its far too serious.

Your challenge: do a cannonball yourself! Anyone (no size exclusions!) can join in... just provide a link to your post below! If you're an overachiever, you can also prepare for next Monday's 25 Things, which will be: "Wear a Mumu". Pull out your sheet sized dresses ladies, and get prepared to make them sexy.


///EDIT: 25 Things will now be a weekly link-up! When you complete one of the 25 items on the list, link your post to the bottom of mine! The links will be open for 25 weeks (so add them in when you can!) but I challenge you to keep up with me by joining with me on the designated choice! Don't worry, I'll tell you what the following week will be at the end of each post:)///


  1. Hahaha, that looks like fun! I hope you enjoyed yourself. =)


  2. This post is brilliant, I've only just discovered your blog but I'm loving what I see! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Your face is quite serious it looks like your concentrating on technique! Now I just need to find a pool on which to cannonball. I can't wait it see this list come to life!

  4. HAHAHAHAAA!!! Jes, you are so amazing!!

    I can't canonball as I don't have access to a swimming pool. I also don't think I have a mumu but perhaps I'll improvise.

    Pleeeease make this a link up?


  5. LMBO! You. Are. Just. Superdeedooperdee. Rad! As soon as Hurricane Issac wanders away, I'm so cannon-balling!!!!!!!!

    I agree with Becky...make this a link up pleeeeease???

    BIG hug,
    ~SimplyyMayra ;)

  6. oh my god ahaha, I love this so much! I might actually make a trip to my aunt's house on purpose to use her pool to do this with! This whole post just made my morning hahaha!


  7. This is fantastic ... Great way to add some humor to a serious issue. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

    - tianna :)

  8. Haha, your face! Perfect cannonball. And I thought you looked like Miss America in your swimming suit, the stripe looks like a sash. No wait, Miss Universe!

  9. This post just MADE MY DAY! Loved the comic bumble comments! You continue to rock my world.


    . . . just when i thought i couldn't love this blog more!

  11. Uh-may-zing...as always! No pool access but I'm going to try to make a date at some local springs for my cannonball try.

    As for mumus? Got that covered x 10.

  12. Dude, that one of you mid-air is AWE-SOME!!!! You look like you're having a blast (and why the hell not? What's not to love about a good cannonball, I ask?). Love that post!

  13. Awesome cannonball, dude. I started with ride a bike. So when that link up comes along, I'm set. But I will be mumu ready. I bought a vintage one and everything.


  14. I love your science Jes. And cannonballs are fer shizzle the best!!

  15. You made that look like a lot of fun! Though, I don't think I could do it because I've been terrified of jumping into the water like that since I was wee... (I've never been a very good swimmer...)

  16. yes!! i can't wait to see the rest of this series! what a freaking CRAZY list. i think i need to buy a mumu so i can link up next week!

  17. new follower here! this post is amazing. i love your boldness!

    and p.s. great form. i haven't seen such a clean lookin' canon ball in a while!


  18. This. Is. AWESOME. You rock! Seriously. Can't wait to see next week's post!

  19. this is probably the best post I've seen in a while! Also, looking like a hot mama in that swimsuit there! Love it :)
    So glad I found your blog today!

    Much love

  20. So, I am late to the game but I just found this blog. I am heavy myself and I love to cannonball. One thing we should all do is make sure the depth of the pool is marked before you cannonball or you could wind up like me with a broken bone in your foot from cannonballing into a 4 foot deep pool....

  21. Better late than never, right?

    I want to drive down to Tucson (I am in north Phoenix) and give you a hug and do a cannonball with you.

    Your blog is inspirational, and many of your articles brought tears to my eyes.

    Thank you.


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