There is only a week left to contribute to The Womanifesto Challenge... and I know there are quite a few of you who still want to participate. I've read every single link-up, and dear lord they are powerful. I am so grateful to each amazing woman who contributed... seriously, thank you. You've added a lot to my life, and I'm sure other women's lives as well.

I wanted to share a favorite line from each submission, and would encourage you to read a few. They are pretty goddamn rad.

Jamie: I give myself permission to change & evolve with the seasons, with my moods, with my inspirations.
Camille: I am... not domestic or domesticated.
Stephanie: This revolt will be fought with words. "Fat" as a badge of pride.
Meg: To NOT feel guilty for eliminating those from my life who do not support me.
Jess: I AM NOT INVISIBLE. I am not a statistic. 
Amy: I embrace my past and forgive it...
Catherine: I have tattoos and they aren't something to regret.
Erin: I am more than a womb on wheels.
Kari: I am strong like the hardest steel; I am soft like the finest silk.
Alexz: I'm going to always stick to my guns; always go with the flow.
Morgan: My worth is not determined by... the curve of my ass.
Carly Maria: I will embrace my body for what it is, and appreciate is for what it can do.
Sierra: I am sundresses of all colors...
Emily: These contradictions make me who I am: a whole, messy, complicated woman.

I am unapologetically recruiting for this challenge because I. Believe. In. Womanifestos. I believe they can change your life, or at least your way of loving yourself. I also believe that your words can affect someone else's way of loving themselves.

Be bold, be brave, write your own, love yourself as you are.

Yes, I'm challenging you.
I adore you all. Fo realz.

The Militant Baker

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  1. I did it! I was just late to find this bandwagon. :)


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