Good god I love women with huge curves. Not even because I've got a few, but because there is something so exotic, sensual and visually stunning about them. AND, as pictured below it can be displayed in such a way that is confident, powerful and SO SAKJDHIDAKJDHAKSING SEXY. These are a few of the images I've stumbled upon that I would love to make into posters for my room:

(click the image for the source)

This really showcases radical fatshion seeing as these women don't wear awesome clothes because its "flattering" but rather because it's what they LOVE.
Who do you look up to for setting their own style?


  1. gorgeous! i love the look by gabi fresh especially.

  2. My GOD these women are insanely gorgeous. Always love Gabi Fresh but Nadia's outfit is STUNNING!!! I have to say, all these outfits are super flattering on these curvy ladies. I think often what is missing is confidence, and these chicks have it in spades. Love!

    Strive to Thrive,


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