When advocating for change, it's not enough to just create resistance towards the things you find unacceptable... you also have to find those that are similarly minded in your goals and love, cherish, and support them! 
For your interweb browsing pleasure, I would offer you five authentically adorable bloggers and my favorite posts of theirs this week:

 Beca's heartfelt confession that she thought about not posting some outfit pictures because she looked too tired and messy was touching. I think all Bloggers can relate. I'm glad she posted them anyways. She's a total babe.

 Kaylah shared the inner workings of her blog organization. Great practical and sincere tips!

 I got such a kick out of the guest post on My Girl Thursday's blog by Tera Sue! Real shoes, worn completely into the ground and resurrected with glitter! My favorite ballet flats shall live again!

Rachelle shared her worries about being a fat blogger in a stylized girl's world. Loved every word. Also, that hair is so RAD.

Kim from Art Equals Happy shared a vlog with questions on Elycia's blog. Her video is so unassuming, articulate and genuine its hard to not watch it twice. She is very "videogenic". Is that even a word?

Have you read any posts that hit home for you? Anything you wish others would read as well?

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