I don’t know if you share this habit with me,
but it’s a little embarrassing and a little bit awesome:

I save my mix cds for years without listening to them.

Friends and favorites make me mix cds for birthdays, breakups, life events, seasonal changes etc and I only listen to the first few tracks before storing them away. This is where it gets rad though: I pull them out years and years later and somehow a track on that mix speaks to me louder than it ever could when I received them! It’s like the music knew when it needed to be a part of my life. Ok, maybe not, but it sure feels that way!

This happened this morning while I was cruising on the interstate midst a few catering deliveries. I pulled out “Jes Birthday Mix- August 7, 2008” and sat in stunned silence while listening to my current life unfold on the stereo. How did Lisa know that four years later I would need to listen to Loretta Lynn, The Palace Brothers, Willie Nelson and Eleni Mandell while the sun rose? I love it when music completes me.

Anyhow, the song above was track 4, and I felt like it was so indicative of my overall attitude towards life right now. Lyrics perfectly set to a gentle yet catchy tune, Lynn Anderson (or her writers…) say what so many want to:

“Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometimes…”

Rock on Lynn Anderson, rock on.


  1. I Love that song! I just happened upon your blog and am IN LOVE with your content, your honesty and your oh so adorbs-ness! Are you locally based in AZ like me? I'm definitely putting your link on my blog because you ROCK!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting my button! I AM an AZ girl:) Nice to meet you!


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