Meet Fisher! The newest (and currently cutest) part of our family.

He's a Maine Coon kitten (Craigslist find, so I'm not sure what percentage), and is a vocal little cuddle bug. I know both of these things for a fact and it's only been 12 hours.

 Cute as hell, huh?

He's the size of a beanie baby and is only 7 weeks old. He was separated from Mom and needed a soon home, so I scooped him up. I think I love him, but who doesn't love a fluffy cuddly kitten? He's number three in our home, and the last. I think three is plenty. I'm actually worried that it's too much.

Fisher is charismatic and likes to flop around and nap so far, but what I'm wondering is if he is too much to soon. We have a two year old Turtle grouch named Inga. She doesn't seem to mind the new addition and has gone about her daily business like he's not here. Surprising, but I'm gonna take it when I can. The issue is our almost one year old: Owen. He's a tiger striped  tabby and is usually the goofy, happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine in our house. This beanie baby of a kitten has sent Owen into a territorial rampage of intermittent spitting/hissing fits and overall freaked-out-ness. He's decided to leave the bathroom after 6 hours, but now bites, hides and yelps without provocation. It pains me to see him this way.

 I've heard it's better to add new cats to the household when they're younger that way they acclimate easier...this was my intention. Though it hasn't been a full 24 hours yet, I've never seen Owen so upset and my poor Him (Owen is his kitty) is terrified that Owen will never be the same playful kitty he knows and loves ever again.

Cat people, I ask you: has this happened to you? What should I expect with a new dynamic of three kitties? Have I ruined Owen forever? Are three cats too many for an apartment? Is this totally normal and will pass? If Fisher leaves will everything return to normal? Should I hang in there? Have I destroyed the house harmony forever? Am I the worst kitty mom in the world?

Fisher is curled up on my chest as I type. I was in bed, and he was in a comfy fort I made him in the bathroom but he wasn't having any of the "sleeping in a foreign dark room on night one" stuff so he screamed and hollered  until I got up and obligingly returned him to the living room. He's passed out now and I'll be sleeping on the couch to make sure there is no more hollering. At least for tonight.

I forgot how much work it is to have a baby.



  1. My brother has a main coon,they are freakin huge and so cute! :) xx

  2. don't worry about it! it took our first cat scampi (who was about 6) over a week to calm down after we brought home a kitten. they just have to figure out the new pecking order. if you are really worried, you can get one of those pheromone plug ins from a pet store to calm everyone down. they will be fine! when we got our first pug, i CRIED because i thought my kitty murray would never sit in my lap again ,he was so freaked out, but it just took a little while, they will come around!
    congrats on the new addition! he is CUTE!

  3. I am a crazy cat lady with four cats. And like Rae said, everything will get better/back to normal/grow with even more cuteness with time.

    My oldest cat, Patty is 15 years old (I've had her since I was six) has never gotten totally used to the fact that there are three other precious-es in the house but she tolerates it.

    My second oldest cat, Buddy (he's 11 years old), was adopted with my third oldest baby, Socks (the stinker is 4 now). They get along great and tend to stay away from Patty. When there is a conflict, it's usually a little spat and then they go on their way.

    When we got our final baby, Pumpkin (we're not sure on her exact age 'cause she was a greenhouse cat and sorta lived in the wild but we think she's 2), Buddy flipped some hardcore shits. We kept Pumpkin in a separate room for a week and then expanded the rest of the house to her. Buddy did the same thing that Owen was doing, but he finally calmed down. Now those two cuddle ALL THE TIME. I wish I could show you pictures of their adorableness but I don't know how to get photos off of my dumb-phone.

    And all three of your babies are SOOO cute! Cat's are fantastic, are they not?

  4. Chris and I have three cats (traveled with two all the way from Tucson!) and it's a fun dynamic. It honestly feels like too many sometimes but I can't imagine not having all three. From our experience, once we brought the third in, the other two came around pretty quick. They acted like they hated him for a week or so, but then just got over it. When I brought #2 in, it took a LOT longer for #1 to come around. They will be buddies before you know it! It's funny but it just seems that larger cats are afraid of kittens sometimes - so funny!

  5. oh my goodness he's cute! i don't have any advice for introducing new cats but i do wish you the best of luck. my parents maine coon is the sweetest thing around. he still curls up on my chest and purrs his heart out the whole time.

  6. I really wish I wasn't so deathly allergic. The furbaby cuteness has made me sneeze 3 times reading your entry, true story. The Mister isn't allergic to ANYTHING so our baby has about a 50% chance of inheriting this lovely curse. The older I get, the more allergies I acquire :( Now doggies are on the make-me-sneeze list too :( I've never had more than 1-2 pets (always different kinds too) at a time, so I'm not much help. But I'm sure Owen senses that he's not "the baby" anymore, just like when a new sibling comes into the picture, but he'll warm up to his baby brother and they'll give each other space or they'll be cuddlebugs with each other. Good luck momma!

  7. We just rescued three 6 week old kittens from the side of the road, and it has been really tough getting our older cat and our two dogs used to the three kittens, but it's been three days now and they are already starting to get along better. Just keep them separated when you're away, and keep them together when you're home. They will get used to it, I'm sure....He's so cute!!

  8. Thank you all so much for the words of encouragement and the good-to-knows! I also got a bunch of replies from friends and I wanted to share them so there is a whole archive of what to dos with new kittens!

    "It's totally normal for Owen to be pissed off right now. Since he's only a year old, he should warm up the the new guy in time. Maybe try taking something of Owens, that has his scent on it, and rubbing it all over the kitten. Also, be sure to give the older kids the same amount of attention as the new guy. I know it's hard, but they will pick up on it if you don't. Sometimes you can sneak and put them together, or close to each other, when they're asleep. I used to do that with Bowie when we first got her and it seemed to help." -Kristen

    "Well, not that this helps now :) but cat wisdom says to always adopt the "opposite" of the most recent cat that you adopted. We had an adult female, so we got a male kitten. We had an adult male, so we got an adolescent female. BUT, I don't think that means that things are ruined or anything. Are you keeping them in separate rooms? That has been important in introducing all of my pets. They sometimes needed to be apart for several days. You can put clean towels under each of their food bowls. After a day, switch them. Then they have to eat next to someone else's scent. Start having them hang out in where ever you have the new guy in small spurts." -Amy

    "When we got Boosh I thought the exact same thing. We hadn't gotten a new cat since Sophie, who was seven years old at the time. I had never even heard Sophie hiss, and now she was doing it all the time, it was heartbreaking. It took a couple of months before the older three cats got back to normal. They are still not huge fans of Boosh, but they tolerate her and sometimes it seems like her and Wilson might actually be friends." -Rebecca

    "When we first got Sadie, Esmé's behavior changed a lot. She had this routine that I LOVED for bed time. She would race me to the room and jump on the bed and do her little chordle. We'd cuddle for about 15 minutes then she'd jump on this shelf with a special bed I had got for her and fall asleep. In the morning id wake up to her kneading dough on me and purring. After we got Sadie that stopped. She barely wants cuddle time now. We kept them separate for a while and slowly introduced Sadie into the mix. Esmé wanted nothing to do with it. It took her about 3 months before she was totally ok with Sadie. However in the process we lost some of our favorite routines with Esmé. Seriously heartbreaking! But now she's ok with playing and even occasionally making out with Sadie!
    As for 3 cats, it's alot! Tristain has been so kind to take in my and my two babies for a while. Luckily paleo, esmé and Sadie have all gotten use to one another. Buuuut it's the 4 am run sessions and tag games they play that make the size of an apartment more apparent. Lots of poop, lots of food and lots of tude. The best part for me is all the animals to love on! Behaviors may shift and change but you have to remember you're turning their world upside down and they need time to adjust. :)" -RiKenna

    "Spy hissed in the corner for a month and growled when I got Buffy. When I got Jasper Buffy was the one who acted like she was going to kill him! She warmed up after about two weeks. All the cats I've had have hated each other at first and learned to like or tolerate each other eventually. Give it time." -Davida

    Thanks everyone!!!

  9. It is very difficult to tell how they are going to react isn't it?! We adopted our third cat Charley when we couldn't find any other suitable home for him (we started out as foster parents). Our older cat, Cobe had no issues; but our little princess Tigger, whom we had rescued at about ten days old was not happy to be replaced as the baby. It took just under a year for her to finally be more civil to him, although mostly she just ignored him or tried to steal attention from him. Then, we moved to a different home and things just didn't happen as we had thought at all. Tigger, freaked out during the move (predictable) but was absolutely fine about the new place and explored everything very thoroughly- as did Charley. Our sweet, lovable and normally calm Cobe however totally freaked out and wouldn't come out of his kitty carrier for hours. When he finally did he hissed at his own shadow and attacked his own tail for a few days (and lots of other things) before suddenly becoming, once more the cat we recognized and adored. I don't know that any of this is comforting or helpful; but if your Owen doesn't openly try to truly harm the kitten or do more than avoid/ignore him- most likely he will come around in his own time and in his own way. (which isn't giving much insight into the situation anyway, sorry about that) Hopefully things will settle down soon with some sort of truce established between them so that you get to keep all of your babies. :)

    1. Sarah, thanks for taking the time to tell me your kitty story:) I think that Owen is going through exactly what Tigger felt. I think they will all warm up to each other soon. xoxoxo


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